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DNA/RNA Synthesis DNA/RNA Synthesis

Cat.No.  Name Information
M4879 Cycloheximide Cycloheximide is an inhibitor of protein biosynthesis in eukaryotic organisms, with IC50 of 532.5 nM.
M2082 Streptozotocin Streptozotocou (STZ) is a kind of glucosamine - nitrosourea derivative.*The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended
M2129 Temozolomide (TMZ) Temozolomide (TMZ) is an oral DNA methylating, chemotherapeutic agent.
M2223 Cisplatin Cisplatin is an inorganic platinum complex that inhibits DNA synthesis by forming DNA crosslinking agents, inactivates GPXs, reduces cell GSH and induces iron death in HCT116 and A549 cells.
M2289 5-fluorouracil 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is a potent antitumor agent that affects pyrimidine synthesis by inhibiting thymidylate synthetase thus depleting intracellular dTTP pools.
M25447 PR-104 PR-104 is a novel hypoxia-activated DNA cross-linking agent with marked activity against human tumor xenografts, both as monotherapy and combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
M21650 D-I03 D-I03 is a selective RAD52 inhibitor with a Kd of 25.8 µM. D-I03 specifically inhibits RAD52-dependent single-strand annealing (SSA) and D-loop formation with IC50s of 5 µM and 8 µM, respectively.
M21649 Bractoppin Bractoppin is a potent and selective inhibitor of phosphopeptide recognition by the human BRCA1 tandem(t) BRCT domain with IC50 of 74 nM. Bractoppin diminishes BRCA1 recruitment to DNA breaks, in turn suppressing damage-induced G2 arrest and assembly of the recombinase, RAD51.
M21600 Plitidepsin Plitidepsin (Aplidine) is a potent anticancer compound targeting eEF1A2 (KD=80 nM). Plitidepsin has antiviral activity, and the IC90 of inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 is 0.88 nM. Plitidepsin is commonly used in multiple myeloma and advanced cancer research and has potential for COVID-19 research.
M21583 Tofersen Tofersen (BIIB067) is an antisense oligonucleotide that mediates RNase H-dependent degradation of superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) mRNA to reduce SOD1 protein synthesis. Tofersen can be used in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research.
M21558 ART812 ART812 is an orally effective DNA polymerase Polθ inhibitor with an IC50 value of 7.6 nM. ART812 had an IC50 value of 240 nM for cell-based microhomologous mediated end-junction (MMEJ).
M21557 RP-6685 RP-6685 is a potent, selective and orally active inhibitor of DNA polymerase θ (Polθ) with an IC50 value of 5.8 nM (PicoGreen assay). RP-6685 showed antitumor effect in mouse tumor transplantation model.
M21517 Supinoxin Supinoxin (RX-5902) is a potent oral inhibitor of phosphorylated p68 RNA helicase (P-p68) and a first-in-class anti-cancer agent. Supinoxin induced apoptosis and inhibited the growth of TNBC cancer cell lines, with IC50 ranging from 10 nM to 20 nM.
M21143 5-Fluorouridine 5-Fluorouridine is a metabolite of 5-fluorouracil, a potent inhibitor of nuclease autocleavage. 5-Fluorouridine binds to total and poly A RNA and has antiproliferative activity. 5-Fluorouridine induces apoptosis (cell death).
M20915 Vidarabine monohydrate Vidarabine is a nucleoside antibiotic with antiviral acitivity that interferes with the synthesis of viral DNA. It is used to treat herpes simplex and varicella zoster viruses.
M20884 RG3039 RG3039 (PF-06687859, PF 6687859, Quinazoline 495) is an orally bioavailable and brain-penetrant inhibitor of the mRNA decapping enzyme DcpS with IC50 of 4.2 nM and IC90 of 40 nM, respectively.
M20728 JH-RE-06 JH-RE-06 is a potent REV1-REV7 interface inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.78 μM and Kd value of 0.42 μM, disrupting REV1-POL ζ-mediated mutagenic translesion synthesis (TLS).
M20619 CeMMEC1 HCl CeMMEC1 is an N-methylisoquinolinone derivative that inhibits the second bromodomain of TAF1 (IC50=0.9 μM).
M13655 TK216 TK216 is an orally active and potent E26 transformation specific (ETS) inhibitor. TK216 directly binds EWS-FLI1 and inhibits EWS-FLI1 protein interactions. TK216 blocks the binding between EWS-FLI1 and RNA helicase A. TK216 has anticancer activity.
M13654 TH287 TH287 is a potent and selective inhibitor of MTH1, with an IC50 of 0.8 nM.
M13653 RG7800 hydrochloride RG7800 hydrochloride is an orally active SMN2 splicing modulator, with EC1.5xs of 23 nM and 87 nM for SMN2 splicing and SMN protein; RG7800 hydrochloride has the potential to treat spinal muscular atrophy.
M13652 Quarfloxin Quarfloxin (CX-3543), a fluoroquinolone derivative with antineoplastic activity, targets and inhibits RNA pol I activity, with IC50 values in the nanomolar range in neuroblastoma cells.
M13651 O6-Benzylguanine O6-Benzylguanine, a guanine analog, is the DNA repair enzyme O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (MGMT/AGT) inhibitor.
M13650 ML-60218 ML-60218 is a broad-spectrum RNA pol III inhibitor, with IC50s of 32 and 27 μM for Saccharomyces cerevisiae and human.
M13649 Branaplam Branaplam (LMI070; NVS-SM1) is a highly potent, selective and orally active survival motor neuron-2 (SMN2) splicing modulator with an EC50 of 20 nM for SMN.

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