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M10249 Teduglutide Teduglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) analogue used for the treatment of short-bowel syndrome.
M10246 Bulevirtide Bulevirtide is a first-in-class virion entry inhibitor which blocks the hepatic sodium/taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (NTCP) receptor.
M10203 ACE-031 (Myostatin inhibitory peptide 7) ACE-031 is a fusion protein of activin receptor type IIB and IgG1-Fc, which binds myostatin and related ligands.
M10039 GsMTx4 GsMTx4 is a spider venom peptide that selectively inhibits cation-permeable mechanosensitive channels (MSCs) belonging to the Piezo and TRP channel families.
M9316 Ceruletide Ceruletide is a biologically active decapeptide isolated from the skin of the Australian frog Hyla caerulea, acts as a cholecystokinin receptor agonist.
M6240 Angiotensin II human Angiotensin II human is converted by Angiotensin I through removal of two C-terminal residues by the enzyme angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). Angiotensin II is mediated by AT1 and AT2 receptors, which are seven transmembrane glycoproteins with 30% sequence similarity. Keep away from light and prepare for use now.
M5735 Leuprolide Acetate Leuprolide acetate is a GnRH analog; leuprolide acetate acts as an agonist at pituitary GnRH receptors.
M2007 Romidepsin (FK228) Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide, FR 901228, NSC 630176) is a structurally unique, potent HDAC1 and HDAC2 inhibitor with IC50 of 36 nM and 47 nM, respectively.*The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended
M1831 Cyclosporine A Cyclosporin A is an immunosuppressant that binds to cyclophilin and inhibits calcineurin with an IC50 of 7 nM. cyclosporin A [CsA] binds to the cyclophilin 18 (Cyp18)-CsA complex. the Cyp18-CsA complex recruits calcium-regulated neurophosphatase (CaN), leading to the blocking of cytokine gene transcription in activated T cells. CsA is a highly specific inhibitor of T-cell activation.
M1261 NFAT Inhibitor-1 (VIVIT peptide) NFAT Inhibitor-1 (VIVIT peptide) is a cell-permeable peptide inhibitor of nuclear factor of activated Tcells (NFAT), it is superior at inhibiting calcineurin-mediated dephosphorylation of NFAT1, NFAT2, and NFAT4 in cell extracts.
M55302 Myosin H Chain Fragment, mouse acetate Myosin H Chain Fragment, mouse acetate salt is a fragment of the α-Myosin heavy chain peptide. Myosin H Chain Fragment can be used to induce experimental autoimmune myocarditis (EAM) mouse model.
M55301 Myosin H Chain Fragment, mouse Myosin H Chain Fragment, mouse is a fragment of the α-Myosin heavy chain peptide. Myosin H Chain Fragment can be used to induce experimental autoimmune myocarditis (EAM) mouse model.
M55225 PTD-p65-P1 Peptide TFA PTD-p65-P1 Peptide TFA is a potent, selective nuclear transcription factor NF-κB inhibitor and derives from the p65 subunit of NF-κB amino acid residues 271-282, which selectively inhibits NF-κB activation induced by various inflammatory stimulation, down-regulate NF-κB-mediated gene expression and up-regulate apoptosis.
M55210 Ipamorelin Ipamorelin (NNC-26-0161) is a a novel and potent ghrelin mimetic peptide compound that counteracts glucocorticoid-induced decrease in bone formation of adult rats.
M55209 Thymosin alpha 1 Thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1), a 28-amino acid peptide, is a peptide naturally occurring in the thymus that has long been recognized for modifying, enhancing, and restoring immune function. Thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1) can enhance T-cell, dendritic cell (DC) and antibody responses, modulate cytokines and chemokines production and block steroid-induced apoptosis of thymocytes.
M55016 Neuropeptide Y (human, rat, mouse) TFA Neuropeptide Y (human, rat, mouse) TFA is involved in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and protects rat cortical neurons against β-Amyloid toxicity.
M54736 hFSH-β-(33-53) TFA hFSH-β-(33-53) TFA, a thiol-containing peptide which corresponds to a second FSH receptor-binding domain, is a FSHR (follicle-stimulating hormone receptor) antagonist. hFSH-β-(33-53) TFA inhibits binding of FSH to receptor and is a partial agonist of estradiol synthesis in Sertoli cells.
M54484 Tetracosactide Tetracosactide (Tetracosactrin) is an analogue of adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), Tetracosactide can stimulate the release of corticosteroids such as cortisol from the adrenal gland.
M54409 TAT-14 TAT-14 is a 14-mer peptide that acts as Nrf2 activator with an anti-inflammatory effect.
M54334 MUC5AC motif peptide MUC5AC motif peptide is a 16-amino acid fragment of mucin 5.

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