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Fluorescent Dye

Cat.No.  Name Information
M53719 Luciferase, firefly Luciferase, firefly is a luciferase from Photinus pyralis that catalyzes the reaction of luciferin with ATP and results in the production of yellow-green light. The enzyme has a molecular weight of 62 kDa, is expressed in Escherichia coli, and can be used as a reporter gene for gene function as well as for quantification of ATP.
M43972 FITC-Dextran (MW 70000) FITC-Dextran (MW 70000) is a compound belonging to the class of fluorescent dyes. It is commonly used in biomedical research as a tracer molecule to label and track cells or other biological matter.
M40970 Hydroethidine Hydroethidine is a peroxide indicator that freely enters cells and dehydrogenates into ethidium bromide and distinguishes between superoxide and H2O2, and can be used to identify proliferating and hypoxic cells in tumors (λex=520 nm, λem=600 nm).
M29325 BODIPY 581/591 C11  BODIPY 581/591 C11 is a BODIPY borofluoroprene derivative with good light stability and low fluorescence artifacts. BODIPY 581/591 C11 can be used for study lipid peroxidation and antioxidant properties in living cells, or detect ferroptosis by reaction with hydroxyl radicals. BODIPY 581/591 C11 is emitted at 591 nm (reduced prototype), or redshifted to 510 nm (oxidized type). The excitation wavelengths were 581 nm (reduced prototype) and 500 nm (oxidized type).
M19992 MitoSOX Red Mitochondrial Superoxide Indicator The MitoSOX Red Mitochondrial Superoxide Indicator (MitoSOX) is a novel fluorescent probe specifically targeted to live cell lines. It has membrane permeability and produces strong Red fluorescence when combined with nucleic acid. Its maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 510/580nm.
M13777 DAB DAB (3,3' Diaminobenzidine Tetrahydrochloride) is an organic compound that is both chemically and thermodynamically stable; DAB has been used in immunohistochemical staining of nucleic acids and proteins.
M13565 Hoechst 33342 trihydrochloride Hoechst 33342 trihydrochloride is a membrane permeant blue fluorescent DNA stain. Hoechst binds to the grooves in the DNA double strand, which tends to be A/T-rich DNA strand. Although it binds to all nucleic acids, the A/T-rich double strand DNA significantly enhances fluorescence intensity Therefore, Hoechst dye can be used for living cell labeling. The fluorescence intensity of Hoechst dye increases with the increase of pH of solution.
M11521 DiOC6(3) iodide DiOC6(3)(iodide 3,3' -dihexyl carbonyl cyanine) is a carbonyl cyanine dye that can be used to detect changes in mitochondrial membrane potential. The maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 484nm/500nm. It can be used to look at cell membranes, lipids. Store at room temperature away from light.
M11151 IR808 IR808 (MHI-148) is a near-infrared heptamethine cyanine dye with tumor-targeting properties for cancer detection, diagnosis and research. IR808, which acts as an optical imaging agent, targeting moiety and also trigger on-demand drug release on application of NIR 808 nm laser.
M11150 p-Aminoazobenzene p-aminoazobenzene (Azo) is a hypoxia sensitive linker.
M10454 JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit is a kit that uses JC-1 as a fluorescent probe to quickly and sensitively detect the transmembrane potential difference of tissues, cells or purified mitochondria. It can be used for early apoptosis detection.
M10357 Rhod-2 AM Rhod-2, AM is a fluorescent probe for calcium flux measurement (λex=552 nm, λ EM =581 nm). It is widely used in the determination of mitochondrial calcium ions.
M10272 Fluorescein Sodium Fluorescein Sodium is a phthalic indicator dye used as a diagnostic aid in corneal injuries and corneal trauma.
M9896 Coumarin 6 Coumarin 6 is a fluorescent dye frequently used to facilitate the traceability of drug delivery systems in vitro.
M9850 BODIPY 493/503 BODIPY 493/503 is a lipophilic fluorescent probe that localizes to polar lipids and can be used to label cellular neutral lipid contents, particularly those localized to lipid droplets, in live and fixed cells.
M9724 JC-1 Jc-1 (Mitochondrial membrane potential probe) is a fluorescent lipophilic carbonyl cyanine dye used to measure mitochondrial membrane potential. The maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 515nm/529nm (590nm), and green fluorescence is emitted. Used to observe mitochondria, stored at room temperature, away from light.
M9598 Evans Blue Evans blue is a biological dye, for detection of cell survival. Evans Blue can not penetrate healthy cell membrane, but can penetrate into death cell.
M9542 TMRM Perchlorate TMRM Perchlorate is a cell-permeant cationic lipophilic red fluorescent dye (λex=530 nm, λem=592 nm).
M9520 BCECF-AM BCECF-AM is a cell membrane permeable compound, widely used as a fluorescent indicator for intracellular pH.
M9267 Coelenterazine Coelenterazine is the luciferin, the light-emitting molecule, used for monitoring reporter genes in BRET, ELISA and HTS techniques.*The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended

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