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Fluorescent Dye


Cat.No.  Name Information
M5118 Nile Red Nile Red is a strongly fluorescent stain in the presence of a hydrophobic environment for the detection of intracellular lipid droplets.
M5112 Hoechst 33342 Hoechst 33342 (HOE 33342) is a cell membrane permeable nuclear staining reagent for DNA staining. The maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 361nm/497nm, and it gives blue fluorescence, which is often used to observe the nucleus/nucleolus. Store at 4°C away from light.
M5113 Hoechst 33342 solution Hoechst 33342 is a DNA minor groove binder used fluorochrome for visualizing cellular DNA.
M5106 DAPI dihydrochloride DAPI dihydrochloride is A fluorescent dye that binds DNA rich in a-T sequences. The maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 358nm/461 nm, and the blue fluorescence is often used to observe the nucleus and nucleic acid. Store at room temperature away from light.
M5107 DAPI solution
M10061 Cresyl Violet acetate Cresyl Violet acetate is a red fluorescent stain, used to stain neurons.
M10058 Ethidium Homodimer 1 Ethidium Homodimer 1 (EthD-1) is a high-affinity fluorescent nucleic acid dye that binds ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA, oligonucleotides and triple helix DNA.
M10036 7-Methyl-6-thioguanosine 7-Methyl-6-thioguanosine (MESG) is a chromophoric substrate which can be used for the quantitation of inorganic phosphate.
M9960 Fluo 3-AM Fluo 3-AM is a calcium indicator that exhibit an increase in fluorescence upon binding Ca2+.
M9939 Streptavidin-FITC Streptavidin is a tetrameric protein purified from Streptomyces sp. that binds very tightly to the vitamin biotin with a Kd of ~ 10-14 mol/l.
M9896 Coumarin 6 Coumarin 6 is a fluorescent dye frequently used to facilitate the traceability of drug delivery systems in vitro.
M9870 Calcein Calcein is a fluorescent dye and self-quenching probe, used as a complexometric indicator for titration of calcium ions with EDTA, and for fluorometric determination of calcium.
M9850 BODIPY 493/503 BODIPY 493/503 is a lipophilic fluorescent probe that localizes to polar lipids and can be used to label cellular neutral lipid contents, particularly those localized to lipid droplets, in live and fixed cells.
M9807 Fura-2 AM Fura-2 AM is a ratiometric fluorescent Ca2+ indicator.
M9793 Nitrotetrazolium Blue chloride Nitrotetrazolium Blue chloride (NBT) is a substrate for dehydrogenases, used with the alkaline phosphatase substrate 5-Bromo-4-Chloro-3-Indolyl Phosphate (BCIP) in western blotting and immunohistological staining procedures.
M9743 Tetramethylrhodamine ethyl ester perchlorate Tetramethylrhodamine ethyl ester (TMRE) can bind to mitochondria and produce orange fluorescence with a maximum excitation/emission wavelength of 550nm/576nm, which is often used to observe mitochondria. Store in refrigerator (-5 to -30°C) away from light.
M9724 JC-1 Jc-1 (Mitochondrial membrane potential probe) is a fluorescent lipophilic carbonyl cyanine dye used to measure mitochondrial membrane potential. The maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 515nm/529nm (590nm), and green fluorescence is emitted. Used to observe mitochondria, stored at room temperature, away from light.
M9696 Dihydroethidium Dihydroethidium (also known as Hydroethidine and PD-MY 003) is a cell-permeable blue fluorescent dye.
M9631 FITC isomer I Fluorescein isothiocyanate isomer I (5-FITC) is an amine-reactive reagent for the FITC labeling of proteins, microsequencing of proteins, and peptides.
M9598 Evans Blue Evans blue is a biological dye, for detection of cell survival. Evans Blue can not penetrate healthy cell membrane, but can penetrate into death cell.
M9542 TMRM Perchlorate TMRM Perchlorate is a cell-permeant cationic lipophilic red fluorescent dye (λex=530 nm, λem=592 nm).
M9539 Dansylcadaverine Dansylcadaverine (Dansylcadaverine) is an autofluorescent compound used to label autophagic vacuoles.Dansylcadaverine is a high-affinity substrate for glutamine transaminases and blocks receptor-mediated endocytosis of a variety of ligands.
M9520 BCECF-AM BCECF-AM is a cell membrane permeable compound, widely used as a fluorescent indicator for intracellular pH.
M9405 NBD-F NBD-F is a fluorescent derivatization reagent for amino acid analysis.
M9390 FITC-Dextran(MW 4000) FITC-Dextran is a marker consisting of coupling fluorescein-isothiocyanate to dextran.

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