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Adrenergic Receptor Adrenergic Receptor


Cat.No.  Name Information
M2628 Dexmedetomidine Dexmedetomidine is a potent and highly selective α-2 adrenergic receptor agonist with sedative effects.
M13902 Yohimbine Yohimbine is a potent and relatively nonselective alpha 2-adrenergic receptor (AR) antagonist, with IC50 of 0.6 μM.
M13901 Tulobuterol hydrochloride Tulobuterol hydrochloride (C-78) is a long-acting β2-adrenoceptor agonist, which reduces the frequency of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma.
M13900 Tulobuterol Tulobuterol (C-78 free base) is a long-acting β2-adrenoceptor agonist, which reduces the frequency of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma.
M13899 SR59230A hydrochloride SR59230A hydrochloride is a potent, selective, and blood-brain barrier penetrating β3-adrenergic receptor antagonist with IC50s of 40, 408, and 648 nM for β3, β1, and β2 receptors, respectively.
M13898 Penbutolol sulfate Penbutolol sulfate is able to bind to both beta-1 adrenergic receptors and beta-2 adrenergic receptors (the two subtypes), thus making it a non-selective β blocker. Penbutolol is a sympathomimetic drug,used in the treatment of high blood pressure.
M13897 Olodaterol hydrochloride Olodaterol (BI1744) hydrochloride is a selective, long acting β2-adrenoceptor2-AR) agonist (EC50=0.1 nM and pKi= 9.14 for human β2-adrenoceptor, respectively).
M13896 Norepinephrine hydrochloride Norepinephrine (Levarterenol; L-Noradrenaline) hydrochloride is a potent adrenergic receptor (AR) agonist. Norepinephrine activates α1, α2, β1 receptors.
M13895 Metipranolol hydrochloride Metipranolol hydrochloride is a non-selective β adrenergic receptor blocking agent.
M13894 L-Epinephrine L-Epinephrine is a hormone secreted by the medulla of the adrenal glands. L-Epinephrine is an α-adrenergic and β-adrenergic receptor agonist.
M13893 Labetalol Labetalol (AH5158) is an orally active selective α1- and non-selective β-adrenergic receptors competitive antagonist.
M13892 Methyldopa hydrate Methyldopa hydrate (L-(-)-α-Methyldopa hydrate), a potent antihyoertensive agent, is an alpha-adrenergic agonist (selective for α2-adrenergic receptors).
M13891 Arformoterol Arformoterol ((R,R)-Formoterol), the (R,R)-enantiomer of Formoterol, is a long-acting β2-adrenergic receptor (β2-AR) agonist, with a Kd of 2.9 nM.
M13890 Clonidine Clonidine is an alpha 2-adrenergic agonist.
M13889 CL 316243 CL316243 is a highly potent selective β3-adrenoceptor agonist with a EC50 of 3 nM, but is an extremely poor to β1/2- receptors.CL316243 is a effective stimulant of adipocyte lipolysis and increases brown adipose tissue thermogenesis and metabolic rate.
M13888 Bufuralol hydrochloride Bufuralol hydrochloride (Ro 3-4787 hydrochloride) is a potent non-selective, orally active β-adrenoreceptor antagonist with partial agonist activity. Bufuralol hydrochloride is a CYP2D6 probe substrate.
M11540 Propranolol Propranolol is a non-selective β-adrenergic receptor (βAR) antagonist, which has high affinity for β1AR and β2AR with Ki value of 1.8 nM and 0.8 nM, respectively. Propranolol inhibited the binding of [3H]-DHA to rat meninges with an IC50 of 12 nM.
M11289 Solabegron Solabegron (GW 427353) is a selective agonist of β3 adrenergic receptor (β3-AR). The EC50 value of Solabegron was 22 nM in Chinese hamster ovarian cells. It can be used to study overactive bladder and irritable bowel syndrome.
M10994 Higenamine hydrochloride Higenamine hydrochloride (Norcoclaurine hydrochloride) is a beta2-AR agonist that is a key ingredient in the Aconitum of Chinese medicine used in heart failure-related studies. Higenamine hydrochloride (Norcoclaurine hydrochloride) has an anti-apoptotic effect.
M10684 Phenylephrine (R)-(-)-Phenylephrine is a selective α1- adrenergic receptor agonists, mainly used as decongestants.
M10654 Ajmalicine (Raubasine) Ajmalicine (Raubasine) is an adrenolytic agent which preferentially blocks alpha 1-adrenoceptor than alpha 2-adrenoceptor. Ajmalicine (Raubasine) is an reversible non-competitive nicotine receptor antagonist with an IC50 of 72.3 μM.

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