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M10115 Recombinant Murine TNFα Protein TNF-α is a pleiotropic pro-inflammatory cytokine secreted by a variety of cells such as adipocytes, activated monocytes, macrophages, B cells, T cells, and fibroblasts.
M10114 PMX 205 Trifluoroacetate PMX 205 Trifluoroacetate is a potent complement antagonist of C5a (C5aR; CD88) receptor.
M10113 BI01383298 BI01383298 is a selective inhibitor of the sodium-citrate co-transporter (SLC13A5).
M10112 Cinromide Cinromide is an inhibitor of epithelial neutral amino acid transporter B0AT1 (SLC6A19) with IC50 of 0.5 μM.
M10111 Anti-human CD3 mAb CD3 is an important marker of T cells, it is composed of five polypeptide chains: γ, δ, ε, ζ, and η.
M10110 D-(+)-2-Phosphoglyceric Acid Sodium Hydrate D-(+)-2-Phosphoglyceric Acid Sodium Hydrate
M10109 SRT2183 SRT2183 is a selective activator of Sirtuin-1 (SIRT1) with EC1.5 value of 0.36 μM.
M10108 Indirubin-3'-monoxime Indirubin-3'-monoxime is a potent GSK-3β inhibitor with IC50 of 22 nM, and inhibits Cdk5/p35, Cdk1/cyclin-B and Cdk2/cyclin-E with IC50s of 100, 180, 250 nM.
M10107 Longdaysin Longdaysin is a Casein Kinase inhibitor with IC50 values of 8.8 μM, 5.6 μM, 52 μM and 29 μM for CKIδ, CKIα, ERK2 and CDK7.
M10106 Neoruscogenin Neoruscogenin is a bioavailable, potent, and high-affinity agonist of the nuclear receptor RORα (NR1F1).
M10105 PF670462 dihydrochloride PF670462 is a potent and selective inhibitor of of CK1 delta and epsilon (CK1δ/ε).
M10104 Abaloparatide Abaloparatide is an analog of PTHrP (parathyroid hormone-related protein).
M10103 Plecanatide Plecanatide is a structural analog of human uroguanylin, and similarly to uroguanylin, plecanatide functions as a guanylate cyclase-C (GC-C) agonist.
M10102 Calcitonin Calcitonin is a single-chain polypeptide composed of 32 amino acid residues, the major physiological effects of calcitonin are inhibition of bone resorption and deposition of postabsorptive calcium into bone following a meal, which prevents postprandial hypercalcemia.
M10101 Diallyl disulfide Diallyl disulfide is naturally found in garlic, which may provide protection against cardiovascular disease.
M10100 Opicapone Opicapone, also known as BIA 9-1067, is a novel potent and selective catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor (COMT inhibitor).
M10099 CAY10404 CAY10404 is one of the most selective inhibitors of COX-2 (IC50 = 1 nM) over COX-1.
M10098 1,3-Dimethylthiourea 1,3-Dimethylthiourea
M10097 Apelin-13 TFA Apelin-13 is the endogenous ligand of the APJ receptor, activating this G protein-coupled receptor with an EC 50 value of 0.37 nM.
M10096 GLPG0974 GLPG0974 is a potent and selective FFA2 (also called GPR43) antagonist.
M10095 Orelabrutinib Orelabrutinib is an orally active and irreversible inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK).
M10094 Picloram Picloram (4-Amino-3,5,6-trichloropyridine-2-carboxylic acid) is a chlorinated systemic herbicide widely used for woody plant and broad-leaved weed control.
M10093 α-Galactosyl Ceramide α-Galactosyl Ceramide is a potent NKT cell stimulator and selective CD1d ligand.
M10092 Sulfo-NHS Sulfo-NHS is a peptide condensing agent, can form a stable active ester intermediate, used to prepare hydrophilic active ester, for example as a protein cross-linking agent.
M10091 Thymosin β4 acetate Thymosin beta 4 is a potent regulator of actin polymerization in living cells.
M10090 Latrunculin B Latrunculin B inhibits actin polymerization in vitro. Latrunculin B disrupts microfilament-mediated processes.
M10089 Exendin-3 (9-39) amide Exendin-3 (9-39) amide is a specific and competitive GLP-1 receptor antagonist.
M10088 NVS-ZP7-4 NVS-ZP7-4 is a potent ZIP7 Inhibitor, which inhibits Notch signaling with IC50 of 0.13 uM in HES-Luc reporter gene assays, selectively induces apoptosis and ER stress.
M10087 Ginkgolide K Ginkgolide K induces protective autophagy through the AMPK/mTOR/ULK1 signaling pathway.
M10086 2-Aminopurine 2-Aminopurine has been used to inhibit eukaryotic initiation factor-2α (eIF2α)-phosphorylation of osteoarthritis (OA) chondrocytes.
M10085 Mycophenolate mofetil Mycophenolate mofetil is an inhibitor of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH).
M10084 AMY-101 acetate AMY-101 acetate is a peptidic inhibitor of the central complement component C3 (KD = 0.5 nM).
M10083 MK-0557 MK-0557 is a highly selective, orally administered neuropeptide NPY5R antagonist (Ki =1.6 nM).
M10082 Amodiaquine Amodiaquine is a 4-aminoquinoline compound related to chloroquine, used as an antimalarial and anti-inflammatory agent.
M10081 Omaveloxolone Omaveloxolone (RTA-408) is a member of the synthetic oleanane triterpenoid class of compounds and an activator of nuclear factor erythroid 2 [NF-E2]-related factor 2 (Nrf2).
M10080 Saccharin 1-methylimidazole Saccharin 1-methylimidazole (also known as SMI) is an activator for DNA and RNA synthesis.
M10079 ACY-775 ACY-775 is a potent and selective HDAC6 inhbiitor with IC50 of 7.5 nM.
M10078 Palmitoleic acid (Liquid) Palmitoleic acid is found to be associated with isovaleric acidemia, which is an inborn error of metabolism.
M10077 Colivelin Colivelin is a brain penetrant neuroprotective peptide and a potent activator of STAT3.
M10076 Collagenase I Collagenase is a protease which cleaves the triple-helical protein called collagen. There are three types of tissue collagenases, and these belong to the matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) family.
M10075 (+)-Biotinamidohexanoic acid hydrazide Biotin LC hydrazide is a long chain protein modification reagent, which can transform periodate-oxidized glycoproteins.
M10074 Bupivacaine Bupivacaine is a BK/SK, Kv1, Kv3, TASK-2 K Channel and voltage-gated Na channel blocker.
M10073 HLCL-61 hydrochloride HLCL-61 hydrochloride is a potent and selective, first-in-class protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) inhibitor.
M10072 AFN-1252 AFN-1252 (API-1252; Debio-1452) is an enoyl-(acyl-carrier protein) reductase fabl inhibitor.
M10071 KO-947 KO-947 is a potent and selective ERK inhibitor with slow dissociation kinetics.
M10070 LX2343 LX2343 is a BACE1 enzyme inhibitor with IC50 value of 11.43±0.36 μM, and it is a neuroprotective agent.
M10069 LYN-1604 2HCl LYN-1604 is a novel activator of ULK1, inducing cell death involved in ATF3, RAD21, and caspase3, accompanied by autophagy and apoptosis.
M10068 Triheptanoin Triheptanoin (IND106011; UX007) is a fatty acid metabolic modulator.
M10067 Ac4GalNAz Ac4GalNAz is an alkyl chain-based PROTAC linker that can be used in the synthesis of PROTACs.
M10066 AP1903 (Rimiducid) Rimiducid (AP1903) is a lipid-permeable tacrolimus analogue acts by cross-linking the FKBP domains.
M10065 bpV(HOpic) potassium salt BpV(HOpic) is a protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) and a potent PTEN inhibitor with IC50 of 14 nM.
M10064 Uridine 5'-diphosphoglucose disodium salt Uridine 5'-diphosphoglucose disodium salt is an agonist of the P2Y14 receptor.
M10063 Bremelanotide Acetate Bremelanotide Acetate (PT-141 Acetate) is an agonist of melanocortin receptor (MCR).
M10062 Toluidine Blue Toluidine Blue is a photosensitizer gel, which can make the medicine stay on the diseased part and improve the treatment effect.
M10061 Cresyl Violet acetate Cresyl Violet acetate is a red fluorescent stain, used to stain neurons.
M10060 Thymoquinone Thymoquinone (TQ) is the bioactive constituent of the volatile oil of black seed. TQ exhibits anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-neoplastic effects both in vitro and in vivo.
M10059 Prolactin-Releasing Peptide (1-31) (human) Prolactin-Releasing Peptide (1-31) (human) is a high affinity GPR10 ligand.
M10058 Ethidium Homodimer 1 Ethidium Homodimer 1 (EthD-1) is a high-affinity fluorescent nucleic acid dye that binds ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA, oligonucleotides and triple helix DNA.
M10057 α-Naphthoflavone α-Naphthoflavone is a potent and competitive aromatase inhibitor with an IC50 and a Ki of 0.5 and 0.2 μM, respectively.
M10056 FIDAS-5 FIDAS-5 is a potent and orally active methionine S-adenosyltransferase 2A (MAT2A) inhibitor with an IC50 of 2.1 μM.
M10055 2',5'-Dideoxyadenosine 2′,5′-Dideoxyadenosine is a cell-permeable adenylyl cyclase inhibitor, IC50 = 2.7 μM in detergent-dispersed rat brain preparations.
M10054 Paroxetine Paroxetine is a inhibitor of serotonin uptake.
M10053 1,4-Bis(aminomethyl)benzene 1,4-Bis(aminomethyl)benzene is used in epoxy resin, photosensitive nylon, polyurethane coatings, etc.
M10052 Fatostatin Fatostatin A is a cell permeable inhibitor of SREBP activation, it inhibits cancer cell proliferation by affecting mitotic microtubule spindle assembly and cell division.
M10051 UDP-Gal UDP-Gal is a nucleotide sugar.
M10050 Maleic acid Maleic acid (MA) is a dicarboxylic acid that undergoes esterification with ethanol in the presence of cation-exchange resin catalysts to form diethyl maleate.
M10049 GSK2795039 GSK2795039 is the first small molecule NADPH oxidase 2 (NOX2) inhibitor, with a mean pIC50 of 6 in different cell-free assays.
M10048 PF-05231023 PF-05231023 is an FGF21-receptor agonist, it is also a potential treatment for T2DM.
M10047 Dorzagliatin Dorzagliatin (HMS-5552, RO-5305552, Sinogliatin) is a glucokinase (GK) activator, which improves glycaemic control and pancreatic β-cell function for type 2 diabetes.
M10046 Tetraethylammonium chloride hydrate Tetraethylammonium Chloride (TEACl) is a quaternary ammonium compound with the chemical formula C8H20N+Cl−, sometimes written as Et4N+Cl with a variety of applications.
M10045 Lactitol Lactitol is a versatile, reduced calorie sweetener derived from natural milk sugar, used in a wide variety of sweetening applications.
M10044 Albiglutide Fragment Albiglutide is a recombinant fusion protein consisting of two copies of a 30-amino-acid sequence of modified human GLP-1 (fragment 7-36), modified with a glycine substituted for the naturally occurring alanine at position 8 in order to augment resistance to DPP-4.
M10043 Dracohodin perochlorate Dracohodin perochlorate is extracted from Dragon's blood, it is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, especially in wound healing.
M10042 Gap 26 Gap 26 is a mimetic peptide corresponding to the residues 63-75 of connexin 43.
M10041 MPP+ iodide MPP+ iodide causes symptom of Parkinson's disease in animal models by selectively destroying dopaminergic neurons in substantia nigra.
M10040 tert-Butyl hydroperoxide Tert-butyl Hydroperoxide, referred to as TBHP, is one of the most commonly used alkyl hydrogen organic peroxides.
M10039 GsMTx4 GsMTx4 is a spider venom peptide that selectively inhibits cation-permeable mechanosensitive channels (MSCs) belonging to the Piezo and TRP channel families.
M10038 Irbinitinib (Tucatinib) Tucatinib, also known as Irbinitinib and ONT-380, is an orally bioavailable inhibitor of the human epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB-2 (HER2).
M10037 Lurbinectedin Lurbinectedin, also known as PM01183, is a covalent DNA minor groove binder with potential antineoplastic activity.
M10036 7-Methyl-6-thioguanosine 7-Methyl-6-thioguanosine (MESG) is a chromophoric substrate which can be used for the quantitation of inorganic phosphate.
M10035 Semaglutide Semaglutide (Rybelsus, Ozempic, NN9535, OG217SC, NNC 0113-0217) is a long-acting human GLP-1 analog, it is also a GLP-1 receptor agonist with the potential for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).
M10034 Exendin-4 Exendin-4 (Exenatide) is a long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist with an IC50 of 3.22 nM.
M10033 Trilaciclib Trilaciclib (G1T28) is a potent first-in-class reversible CDK4/6 inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM and 4 nM for CDK4/cyclin D1 and CDK6/cyclin D3, respectively.
M10032 L-Leucine L-Leucine is an essential branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), which activates the mTOR signaling pathway.
M10031 Lysozyme (from egg white) Lysozyme (from egg white) is a bactericidal enzyme present in chicken eggs, and it lyses gram-positive bacteria.
M10030 PKI 14-22 amide, myristoylated PKI 14-22 amide, myristoylated is a potent cAMP-dependent PKA inhibitor.
M10029 Protoporphyrin IX Protoporphyrin IX is the final intermediate in the heme biosynthetic pathway.
M10028 Phe-Arg-β-naphthylamide 2HCl Phe-Arg-β-naphthylamide 2HCl is an efflux pump inhibitor (EPI), it acts on the major multidrug resistance efflux transporters of Gram-negative bacteria.
M10027 C2 Ceramide C2 Ceramide (N-Acetyl-D-sphingosine) is a cell-permeable and biologically active ceramide, it induces differentiation and apoptosis in cells and has been shown to activate protein phosphatases.
M10026 Futibatinib (TAS-120) Futibatinib, also known as TAS-120 is an orally bioavailable irreversible inhibitor of the fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) with potential antineoplastic activity.
M10025 Zanubrutinib Zanubrutinib (BGB-3111) is a potent and highly selective small molecule inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK).
M10024 Temperature Sensitive Ice Box AbMole Temperature Sensitive Ice Box uses Thermochromic Materials to indcate the temperature change, it is suitable for short-term transportation and storage of temperature sensitive samples (such as enzymes, antibodies, PCR samples, etc.).
M10023 DL-TBOA DL-TBOA is a potent non-transportable inhibitor of excitatory amino acid transporters with IC50s of 70 μM, 6 μM and 6 μM for excitatory amino acid transporter-1 (EAAT1), EAAT2 and EAAT3, respectively.
M10022 Recombinant Murine GM-CSF Protein Recombinant Murine GM-CSF Protein is a hematopoietic growth factor that can promote the development of neutrophils and macrophages, and promote the proliferation and development of early erythroid megakaryocytes and eosinophilic progenitors.
M10021 Recombinant Murine BMP-4 Protein Recombinant Murine BMP-4 Protein is a TGF-beta superfamily ligand that is widely expressed from early embryogenesis through adulthood.
M10020 Recombinant Murine TPO Protein Recombinant Murine TPO Protein is a lineage-specific growth factor produced in the liver, kidney, and skeletal muscle, stimulates the proliferation and maturation of megakaryocytes and promotes the increase of platelet circulation in the body.
M10019 Recombinant Rat M-CSF Protein Recombinant Rat M-CSF Protein is a powerful hematopoietic factor produced by lymphocytes, monocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, myoblasts and osteoblasts.
M10018 Recombinant Rat IL-4 Protein Recombinant Rat IL-4 Protein is a multidirectional cytokine that regulates various T cell and B cell responses such as cell proliferation, survival, and gene expression.
M10017 Recombinant Rat TNFα Protein Recombinant Rat TNFα Protein is a pleiotropic pro-inflammatory cytokine secreted by a variety of cells such as adipocytes, activated monocytes, macrophages, B cells, T cells and fibroblasts.
M10016 Recombinant Rat EGF Protein Recombinant Rat EGF Protein is type Itransmembrane glycoprotein that binds a subset of EGF family ligands including EGF, amphiregulin, TGF-α, betacellulin, etc.

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