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Cat.No.  Name Information
M1959 Oseltamivir Oseltamivir is a potent and selective inhibitor of influenza virus neuraminidase enzyme.
M5055 Peramivir Peramivir is a transition-state analogue and a potent, specific influenza viral neuraminidase inhibitor with an IC50 of median 0.09 nM.
M1707 Entecavir Monohydrate Entecavir Hydrate is a class of antiviral compounds.
M3357 Telbivudine Telbivudine is an antiviral compound used in hepatitis B research.
M3669 Micafungin Sodium Micafungin Sodium is an inhibitor of 1, 3-beta-D-glucan synthesis.
M20879 Amantadine Amantadine is an antiviral that is used in the prophylactic or symptomatic treatment of influenza A. It is an M2 inhibitor which blocks the ion channel formed by the M2 protein that spans the viral membrane.
M20801 PF-00835231 PF-00835231 is a 3CLpro (Mpro) inhibitor that may targets SARS-CoV-2 protease 3CLpro as a potential new treatment for COVID-19.
M20788 Ethacridine lactate Ethacridine lactate (Acrinol) is an aromatic organic compound based on acridine used as an antiseptic agent. Ethacridine lactate is also a poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase (PARG) inhibitor.
M20787 Dimercaprol Dimercaprol (Bal, 2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanol, Dithioglycerol) is an acrolein scavenger that inhibits HIV-1 tat activity, viral production, and infectivity in vitro.
M20785 Ledipasvir acetone Ledipasvir (GS-5885) acetone is the active ingredient of Ledipasvir. Ledipasvir is a potent, oral active inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A with EC50 of 31 pM and 4 pM against GT1a and GT1b replicon, respectively.
M20710 ABX464 ABX464 is a novel anti-HIV molecule that inhibits HIV-1 replication in stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from 5 different donors with IC50 ranging between 0.1 μM and 0.5 μM.
M20694 Bay 41-4109 racemate BAY 41-4109 racemate is a mixture of R-isomer of BAY 41-4109 and S-isomer of BAY 41-4109. BAY 41-4109 an antiviral compound that inhibits human hepatitis B virus (HBV) with IC50 of 53 nM.
M20554 Proguanil Proguanil is a prophylactic antimalarial drug. It inhibits the dihydrofolate reductase of plasmodia and thereby blocks the biosynthesis of purines and pyrimidines, which are essential for DNA synthesis and cell multiplication.
M20530 Oxantel Pamoate Oxantel Pamoate is the pamoate salt form of oxantel, a tetrahydropyrimidine anthelmintic used against intesitnal worms, particularly in a veterinary setting.
M20526 Myclobutanil Myclobutanil is a conazole class fungicide widely used as an agrichemical.
M20481 Sultamicillin Sultamicillin is a newly developed antibiotic in which ampicillin and the β-lactamase inhibitor sulbactam are linked as an ester.
M20476 Fipronil Fipronil is a recalcitrant phenylpyrazole-based pesticide used for flea/tick treatment and termite control that is distributed in urban aquatic environments via stormwater and contributes to stream toxicity.
M20453 Mupirocin calcium Mupirocin Calcium is the calcium salt form of mupirocin, a natural crotonic acid derivative extracted from Pseudomonas fluorescens,which inhibits bacterial protein synthesis and is used as an antibiotic.
M20435 Robenidine Hydrochoride Robenidine hydrochloride is an anticoccidial agent mainly for poultry.
M19972 N-Glycolylneuraminic acid N-Glycolylneuraminic acid is a nonhuman sialic acid molecule synthesized in pigs but not in humans. N-Glycolylneuraminic acid works as a decoy receptor of N-Glycolylneuraminic acid-binding influenza A viruses (IAVs).
M19968 Glycol chitosan Glycol chitosan is a kind of chitosan derivative with hydrophilic glycol-branched. Glycol-chitosan enhances membrane permeability and lead in glycine Max Harosoy 63W cells.
M19942 Sulfaquinoxaline sodium Sulfaquinoxaline sodium (N'1-quinoxalin-2-ylsulphanilamide sodium, SQ-Na) is the sodium salt of sulfaquinoxaline, which is often used as a drug to prevent coccidiosis in poultry, swine, and sheep by inhibiting the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in microorganisms.
M19941 6-Aminopenicillanic acid 6-Aminopenicillanic acid (6-APA) is the central component of penicillin β-lactam antibiotics which are generated by Penicillium. It is used as precursor for antibiotic compounds ampicillin and amoxicillin.
M19940 Cefadroxil hydrate Cefadroxil is a broad-spectrum antibiotic of the cephalosporin type, effective in Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial infections.
M19939 Amikacin Sulfate Salt Amikacin (BAY 41-6551) sulfate, a semisynthetic analog of kanamycin, is an aminoglycoside antibiotic which is very active against most gram-negative bacteria including gentamicin- and tobramycin-resistant strains.

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