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TGF-beta/Smad Transforming growth factor beta


Cat.No.  Name Information
M2108 SB-525334 SB-525334 is a potent activin receptor-like kinase (ALK5)/ type I TGFβ-receptor kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 14.3 nM.
M2081 LY2109761 LY2109761 is a novel TGF-β receptor type I and type II dual inhibitor.
M1980 LY2157299 (Galunisertib) LY2157299 (Galunisertib) is a novel clinically relevant TBRI (ALK5 kinase) inhibitor with IC50 of 56 nM.
M5037 A 83-01 A 83-01 is a selective inhibitor of TGF-β type I receptor ALK5 kinase, type I activin/nodal receptor ALK4 and type I nodal receptor ALK7 (IC50 values are 12, 45 and 7.5 nM respectively).*The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended
M2328 Pirfenidone Pirfenidone inhibits TGF-β bioactivity by affecting TGF-β2 mRNA expression and processing of pro-TGF-β in CCL-64 cells.
M20256 WAY-641966 WAY-641966 is a anti-prion agent.
M14947 pm26TGF-β1 peptide TFA pm26TGF-β1 TFA peptide is a peptide that mimics a portion of the human TGF-β1 molecule.
M14946 LSKL, Inhibitor of Thrombospondin (TSP-1) (TFA) LSKL, Inhibitor of Thrombospondin (TSP-1) TFA is a latency-associated protein (LAP)-TGFβ derived tetrapeptide and a competitive TGF-β1 antagonist.
M14944 Vactosertib Hydrochloride Vactosertib Hydrochloride (EW-7197 Hydrochloride) is a potent, orally active and ATP-competitive activin receptor-like kinase 5 (ALK5) inhibitor with an IC50 of 12.9 nM.
M14943 AZ12601011 AZ12601011 is an orally active, selective TGFBR1 kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 18 nM and a Kd of 2.9 nM.
M14942 ALK2-IN-2 ALK2-IN-2 is a potent and selective inhibitor of activin receptor-like kinase 2 (ALK2) with an IC50 of 9 nM, and over 700-fold selectivity against ALK3.
M14930 Disitertide diammonium Disitertide (P144) diammonium is a polypeptide inhibitor of transforming growth factor TGFβ1, specifically blocking its interaction with the receptor. Disitertide diammonium was also an inhibitor of PI3K and an inducer of apoptosis.
M10596 BIBF0775 BIBF0775 is a potent and selective inhibitor of the transforming growth factor β receptor I (TGFβRI, Alk5) with an IC50 of 34 nM.
M10455 SB-4 SB-4 is a potent benzoxazole bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) signaling agonist with a EC50 value of 74 nM.
M9713 SJ000291942 SJ000291942 is a bone morphogenic protein (BMP) signaling activator.
M9683 SM16 SM16 inhibits TGFβ-induced plasminogen activator inhibitor-luciferase activity (IC50=64 nM).
M9522 SRI-011381 SRI-011381 is an agonist of the TGF-beta signaling pathway for treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
M9243 ITD-1 ITD-1 is a selective TGFβ receptor inhibitor with an IC50 of about 0.4-0.8 μM.
M9223 R-268712 R-268712 is a potent and selective inhibitor of ALK5 with an IC50 of 2.5nM, an approximately 5000-fold more selectivity for ALK5 than p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK).
M9222 LY3200882 LY3200882 is a novel, highly selective TGFβRI small molecule inhibitor.
M9088 SRI-011381 hydrochloride SRI-011381 hydrochloride is an agonist of the TGF-beta signaling pathway for treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
M9083 Disitertide Disitertide is a TGF-β1 inhibitor.
M8149 SIS3 HCl SIS3 is a novel specific inhibitor of TGF-β1/ALK-5 phosphorylation of Smad3 with an IC50 of 3 µM.
M5246 EW-7197 EW-7197 is a highly potent, selective, and orally bioavailable TGF-β receptor ALK4/ALK5 inhibitor with IC50 of 13 nM and 11 nM, respectively.
M5038 SD-208 SD-208 is a selective TGF-βRI (ALK5) inhibitor with IC50 of 48 nM, >100-fold selectivity over TGF-βRII.

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