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TGF-beta/Smad Transforming growth factor beta


Cat.No.  Name Information
M2328 Pirfenidone Pirfenidone inhibits TGF-β bioactivity by affecting TGF-β2 mRNA expression and processing of pro-TGF-β in CCL-64 cells. Pirfenidone (AMR69) attenuates CCL2 and CCL12 production in fibrocyte cells.
M9083 Disitertide Disitertide is a TGF-β1 inhibitor.
M4863 Kartogenin Kartogenin is an activator of the smad4/smad5 pathway, and promotes the selective differentiation of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes.
M25307 Fresolimumab Fresolimumab (GC1008) is a high-affinity fully human monoclonal antibody that neutralizes the active form of human TGFβ1, TGFβ2, and TGFβ3. Fresolimumab can be used for the research of cancer and fibrotic diseases .
M25249 Stamulumab Stamulumab (MYO-029) is a recombinant human IgG1λ antibody that binds to myostatin and neutralizes its activity by preventing binding to its endogenous high-affinity receptor ActRIIB. Stamulumab leads to muscle fiber hypertrophy and not hyperplasia in SCID mice. Stamulumab has the potential for Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD), facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD), and limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) research.
M25204 Lerdelimumab Lerdelimumab (CAT-152) is an IgG4 human anti-TGF-β2 recombinant monoclonal antibody. Lerdelimumab can be used as an anti-scarring agent for glaucoma research.
M25202 Metelimumab Metelimumab (CAT-192) is a human IgG4 monoclonal antibody that can selectively neutralize TGFβ1.
M25175 Cirevetmab Cirevetmab (ZTS-00521426) is an immunoglobulin G2-kappa, Canis lupus familiaris TGFB1 caninized monoclonal antibody. Cirevetmab is an immunomodulator.
M25124 Livmoniplimab Livmoniplimab (ABBV-151; ARGX-115) is a potent humanized anti-LRRC32 (GARP)/TGFβ1 monoclonal antibody. Livmoniplimab blocks LRRC32-mediated activation of latent TGFβ1. Livmoniplimab has the potential for the research of cancer.
M24914 Garetosmab Garetosmab (REGN 2477) is a fully human IgG4 monoclonal antibody that specifically inhibits activin A. Garetosmab can be used for fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) research.
M24850 Bintrafusp alfa Bintrafusp alfa (M 7824) is a first-in-class bifunctional fusion protein composed of the extracellular domain of TGF-βRII fused to a human IgG1 mAb blocking programmed cell death ligand. Bintrafusp alfa can be used for the research of cancer.
M24799 Elezanumab Elezanumab (ABT-555; AE12-1Y-QL) is a human monoclonal antibody that selectively targets repulsive guidance molecule A (RGMa). Elezanumab potently inhibited RGMa mediated BMP signalling via the SMAD1/5/8 pathway, with an IC50 around 97 pM. Elezanumab promotes neuroregeneration and neuroprotection in neuronal injury and demyelination models binds N-terminal RGMa, blocks BMP signaling and lacks RGMc cross-reactivity. elezanumab has neuroregenerative and neuroprotective activities without impact on iron metabolism.
M24634 Luspatercept Luspatercept (ACE-536) is a recombinant modified ActRIIB fusion protein that binds with transforming growth factor β superfamily ligands. Luspatercept increases the erythrocyte numbers and promotes maturation of erythroid precursors. Luspatercept binds with GDF11 and inhibits Smad2/3 signaling. Luspatercept can be used for the research of anemia.
M24625 Bimagrumab Bimagrumab (Anti-ACVR2B Reference Antibody) is a human monoclonal antibody that blocks activin type II receptor (ActRII), with KDs of 1.7 pM and 434 pM for human ActRIIB and ActRIIA, respectively. Bimagrumab can be used for the research of pathological muscle loss and weakness.
M24597 Carotuximab Carotuximab (TRC105) is a IgG1 monoclonal antibody that blocks endoglin (CD105) and its downstream Smad signaling pathway. Carotuximab has immunomodulatory and antineoplastic actions.
M24570 Dalantercept Dalantercept (ACE-041) is an activin receptor like kinase 1 (ALK1) inhibitor, a ligand trap for bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) 9 and BMP 10. Dalantercept reduces tumor angiogenesis and delays tumor growth by binding to BMP 9 and BMP 10. As an anti angiogenic agent, Dalantercept has potential applications in persistent or recurrent ovarian cancer, renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and related malignant tumors.
M24561 Ramatercept Ramatercept is a soluble ActRIIB receptor and can be used as a soluble activin receptor 2 (ACVR2) antagonist. Ramatercept inhibits the signal pathway of muscle growth inhibition and has potential application in muscle atrophy.
M24529 Sotatercept Sotatercept (ACE-011) is a soluble activin receptor 2A (ACVR2A) type IgG Fc fusion protein. Sotatercept combines activin and growth differentiation factor to try to restore the balance between growth promotion and growth inhibition signal pathways. Sotatercept has potential application in pulmonary arterial hypertension, anemia, bone loss, erythropoiesis, multiple myeloma (MM) osteolytic lesions.
M22478 Zilurgisertib Zilurgisertib is a selective ALK2 inhibitor.
M20256 WAY-641966 WAY-641966 is a anti-prion agent.
M14947 pm26TGF-β1 peptide TFA pm26TGF-β1 TFA peptide is a peptide that mimics a portion of the human TGF-β1 molecule.

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