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M1929 GW3965 hydrochloride Liver X Receptor
GW3965 HCl
GW3965 hydrochloride is a selective, orally active non-steroidal synthetic liver X receptor (LXR) agonist.
M6087 LXR-623 Liver X Receptor
LXR-623 is a novel liver X-receptor(LXR) agonist with IC50 values of 179 nM and 24 nM for LXR-α and LXR-β, respectively. It is orally bioavailable and readily passes the blood-brain barrier.
M8590 TFCA Liver X Receptor
TFCA is a Liver X receptor α (LXRα) antagonist that reduces lipid accumulation and fatty liver in mice.
M8744 IMB-808 Liver X Receptor
IMB-808 is a potent Liver X receptor α and β (LXRα/β) partial dual agonist that promotes expression of genes related to reverse cholesterol transport (including ABCA1 and ABCG1), and associated with cholesterol metabolism pathway in multiple cell lines (including ApoE).
M9354 SR9238 Liver X Receptor
SR9238 is a liver X receptor (LXR) inverse agonist with IC50s of 214 nM and 43 nM for LXRα and LXRβ, respectively.
M10138 Yamogenin Liver X Receptor
Yamogenin (Diosgenin) antagonizes the activation of the liver X receptor (LXR) in luciferase ligand assay.
M10348 27-Hydroxycholesterol Estrogen Receptor
27-Hydroxycholesterol is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, and it is also an agonist of the liver X receptor.
M10589 RGX-104 Liver X Receptor
SB 742881; RGX-104 free form
RGX-104, also known as SB 742881, is a liver X receptor beta (LXR) agonist with potential immunomodulating and antineoplastic activities.
M10621 Iristectorigenin B Liver X Receptor
Iristectorigenin B is a liver X receptor (LXR) modulator, which stimulates the transcriptional activity of both LXR-α and LXR-β.
M10627 RGX-104 hydrochloride Liver X Receptor
RGX104 HCl
RGX-104 hydrochloride is a small-molecule LXR (liver X receptor) agonist that modulates innate immunity via transcriptional activation of the ApoE gene.
M27669 E1231 Sirtuin
E1231 is an orally active activator of Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) (EC50=0.83 μM), to modulate cholesterol and lipid metabolism. E1231 interactes with SIRT1 (KD=9.61 μM) and deacetylated liver X receptor-alpha (LXRα), and increases ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 (ABCA1) expression. E1231 also reduces atherosclerotic plaque development in ApoE-/- mice model. E1231 can be used for research in cholesterol and lipid disorder-related diseases.
M30052 GW3965  Liver X Receptor
GW3965 is a potent, selective liver X receptor (LXR) agonist with EC50s of 190 nM and 30 nM for hLXRα and hLXRβ, respectively.

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