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P-glycoprotein P-glycoprotein

Cat.No.  Name Information
M14250 Encequidar mesylate Encequidar mesylate (HM30181 mesylate; HM30181A mesylate) is a competitive and potent P-glycoprotein inhibitor.
M14249 Encequidar Encequidar (HM30181; HM30181A) is a potent and selective inhibitor of P-glycoprotein.
M14248 Dofequidar fumarate Dofequidar fumarate(MS-209 fumarate), an orally active quinoline compound, has been reported to overcome MDR by inhibiting ABCB1/P-gp, ABCC1/MDR-associated protein 1, or both.
M11058 Ganoderenic acid B Ganoderenic acid B is a triterpenoid isolated from Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderenic acid B effectively reverses ABCB1-mediated resistance of HepG2/ADM cells to Doxorubicin.
M7190 Reversan Reversan (CBLC4H10) is a selective MRP1 and P-gp inhibitor.
M6706 Elacridar hydrochloride Elacridar hydrochloride is a p-gp inhibitor.
M6267 Valspodar Valspodar is a P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibitor widely used as overcoming multidrug resistance modulator.
M5881 Piperine Piperine, a natural alkaloid isolated from Piper nigrum L, inhibits P-glycoprotein and CYP3A4 activities with an IC50 value of 61.94±0.054 μg/mL in HeLa cell.
M5609 Elacridar (GF120918) Elacridar (GF120918) is a potent P-gp (MDR-1) and BCRP inhibitor.
M5294 Polyoxyethylene stearate Polyoxyethylene stearate (POES) is a non-ionic emulsifying agent.
M4792 Sinapine-thiocyanate Sinapine, an alkaloid derived from seeds of the cruciferous species, possess antioxidant and radio-protective activities, downregulats multi-drug resistance 1 (MDR1) expression. Sinapine thiocyanate is also an acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor.
M4298 Tenacissoside-G Tenacissoside G is a C21 steroid from the stem of Marsdenia tenacissima. Tenacissoside G reverses multidrug resistance in multidrug resistant cancer cells that overexpress p-glycoprotein (Pgp).
M3976 (20S)-Protopanaxadiol (20S)-Protopanaxadiol (PPD, 1) is one of the aglycones of the ginsenosides and has a wide range of pharmacological activities.
M1888 Tariquidar Tariquidar (XR9576) is a selective, highly efficacious third generation P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibitor.
M1853 Biricodar The pipecolinate derivative Biricodar (VX-710, Incel) is a clinically applicable modulator of P-glycoprotein (Pgp) with potential chemosensitizing activity.
M1845 LY335979 trihydrochloride LY335979 (Zosuquidar trihydrochloride) is a selective Pgp (P-glycoprotein) inhibitor with a Ki of 59 nM. *The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended
M54201 Reversin 121 Reversin 121 is a P-glycoprotein inhibitor.
M52753 Reversin 205 Reversin 205 ([Boc-Glu(Obzl)]2-Lys-Ome) is a P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) inhibitor.
M42234 P-gb-IN-1 P-gb-IN-1 inhibitor.
M42233 P-gp inhibitor 13 P-gp inhibitor 13 is a P-gp inhibitor.

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