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M3922 Gracillin Gracillin is a glycoside, more particularly to a Spirostanol saponin, which can be found among others in many plants of the genus Dioscorea, Paris and Costacea, for example in tamus communis.
M4740 Corilagin Corilagin is an inhibitor of TNF-α, discovered in many medicinal plants such as Phyllanthus speices etc., has multiple activities including anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, hepatoprotective and others.
M6119 Testosterone Enanthate Androcur-treatment abolished testosterone-reduced cAMP, coupled with a changed expressional milieu of cAMP signaling elements. Results from in vitro experiments suggest that some of these effects are testosterone-AR dependent, while others could be due to disturbed LH and/or other signals.
M7874 KH7 KH7 is a specific inhibitor of soluble adenylate cyclase (sAC) with IC50 values of 3-10 μM against recombinant sACt proteins (human and others) in cells. KH7 is also an inhibitor of cAMP.
M8632 DCAI DCAI, an Inactive Ras, is bound to a GDP and activated by SOS (son of sevenless, among others), which converts it to the active GTP form.
M21419 Cyanine 5 maleimide Cy5 maleimide is a fluorescent dye and various cyanidin 5 (Cy5) dyes have been used to label biomolecules for fluorescent imaging and other fluorescence-based biochemical analyses. They are widely used to label peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides, among others. The maximum excitation/emission wavelength is 651/670 nm.
M24886 Tepoditamab Tepoditamab (MCLA-117) is a bispecific monoclonal antibody that binds to CLEC12A of myeloid cells and CD3 of cytotoxic T cells. Among others, CLEC12A is a myeloid differentiation antigen. Tepoditamab (MCLA-117) kills AML leukaemia mother cells and AML leukaemia stem cells, induces T cell-mediated proliferative lysis of AML cells and can be used in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) research.
M25535 Zeatin Zeatin is a coconut milk-derived plant hormone and is a common plant cytokinin that is found in the developing or meristematic tissues and organs such as roots, shoot apex, immature organs, and others.

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