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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

ERK Extracellular signal-regulated kinase


Cat.No.  Name Information
M10597 Pamoic acid disodium Pamoic acid disodium is a potent GPR35 agonist with an EC50 value of 79 nM. Pamoic acid disodium induces GPR35 internalization and activates ERK1/2 with EC50 values of 22 nM and 65 nM, respectively.
M10071 KO-947 KO-947 is a potent and selective ERK inhibitor with slow dissociation kinetics.
M9803 MK-8353 MK-8353 (SCH900353) is an orally bioavailable, selective, and potent ERK1/2 inhibitor, with IC50 values of 23.0 nM and 8.8 nM, respectively.
M9688 ERK5-IN-2 ERK5-IN-2 is a selective, orally active, sub-micromolar ERK5 inhibitor with IC50s of 0.82 μM, 3 μM for ERK5 and ERK5 MEF2D, respectively.
M9510 JWG-071 JWG-071 is the first reported kinase-selective chemical probe for ERK5, inhibits ERK5 and LRRK2 with IC50 of 88 and 109 nM, respectively.
M9300 AG 126 AG 126 is a cell-permeable inhibitor of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced synthesis of tumor necrosis factor-α and nitric oxide in murine peritoneal macrophages.
M9108 AZD-0364 AZD-0364 is a potent and selective ERK2 inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.6 nM.
M6266 Pluripotin Pluripotin (SC1) is a dual inhibitor of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1 (ERK1, MAPK3) and RasGAP. Maintains embryonic stem cell (ESC) self-renewal.
M6235 VX-11e VX-11e is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable ERK2 inhibitor with Ki of <2 nM, over 200-fold selective over other kinases tested.
M6089 XMD8-92 XMD8-92 is a potent and selective BMK1/ERK5 inhibitor with Kd of 80 nM.
M5345 VRT752271 VRT752271 (BVD-523, Ulixertinib) is a potent and reversible ERK1/ERK2 inhibitor with IC50 of <0.3 nM for ERK2.
M5340 Tauroursodeoxycholate Sodium Sodium Tauroursodeoxycholate (TUDC) is a water soluble bile salt, used for the treatment of gallstones and liver cirrhosis.
M5248 DEL-22379 DEL-22379 is a water-soluble ERK dimerization inhibitor with IC50 of ∼0.5 μM.
M5158 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) is an ambiphilic bile acid.
M4819 XMD17-109 XMD17-109 (ERK5-IN-1) is a novel, specific inhibitor of ERK-5 with an EC50 value of 4.2 μM in HEK293 cells.
M4662 Nitidine chloride Nitidine chloride is a benzophenanthridine alkaloid found in species of the genus Zanthoxylum with anti-malarial activity.
M3668 GDC-0994 GDC-0994 is a potent, orally available ERK inhibitor with IC50 1.1 nM and 0.3 nM, respectively.
M3642 FR 180204 FR 180204 is an ATP-competitive, selective ERK inhibitor with Ki of 0.31 μM and 0.14 μM for ERK1 And ERK2, respectively.
M2084 SCH772984 SCH772984 is a novel and selective inhibitor of ERK1/2 with IC50 of 4 nM and 1 nM, respectively.

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