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M2040 BAY 11-7082 BAY 11-7082 is an inhibitor of cytokine-induced IκB-α phosphorylation (IC50 ~ 10 μM). BAY 11-7082 inhibits ubiquitin-specific protease USP7 and USP21 (IC50=0.19, 0.96 μM, respectively).
M3773 PSN-375963 PSN 375963 is an effective GPR119 agonist with EC50 of 8.4 and 7.9 μM for human and mice, respectively. PSN 375963 showed similar potency to endogenous oleoylethanolamide (OEA).
M13835 KDM5A-IN-1 KDM5A-IN-1 is a potent, orally bioavailable pan-histone lysine demethylases 5 (KDM5) inhibitor with IC50s of 45 nM, 56 nM and 55 nM for KDM5A, KDM5B and KDM5C, respectively, and with an EC50 value of 960 nM for PC9 H3K4Me3.
M20733 SP-96 SP-146 is a potent, selective and non-ATP-competitive inhibitor of Aurora B with IC50 of 0.316 nM. SP-146 can be used for the research of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).
M22527 Cinchonidine Cinchonidine (α-Quinidine) is a cinchona alkaloid found in Cinchona officinalis and Gongronema latifolium. Cinchonidine (α-Quinidine) is a weak inhibitor of serotonin transporter (SERT) with Ki values of 330, 4.2, 36, 196, 15 μM for dSERT, hSERT, hSERT I172M, hSERT S438T, hSERT Y95F, respectively.
M25388 9-Aminocamptothecin 9-Aminocamptothecin (9-amino-CPT) is a topoisomerase I inhibitor with potent anticancer activity. 9-Aminocamptothecin inhibits PC-3, PC-3M, DU145, and LNCaP cells with IC50 values of 34.1, 10, 6.5, and 8.9 nM, respectively after 96 h exposure.

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