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M1999 Vadimezan (DMXAA) Vadimezan (DMXAA; ASA-404) acts as a tumor vascular disrupting agent (tumor-VDA), is also a murine agonist of the stimulator of interferon genes (STING) and also a potent inducer of type I IFNs and other cytokines.
M2321 17-DMAG hydrochloride 17-DMAG (Alvespimycin, KOS-1022, NSC 707545) is a potent HSP90 inhibitor with IC50 of 62 nM.
M2578 RITA RITA (NSC 652287) is a MDM2 inhibitor and DNA damage agent for A498 (wild type) and TK-10 (mutation) cell lines with a GI50 of 17 nM and 32 nM, respectively.
M3650 Meclofenoxate hydrochloride Meclofenoxate hydrochloride is an ester of dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) and 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (pCPA).
M3344 Nefiracetam Nefiracetam is a GABAergic, cholinergic, and monoaminergic neuronal systems enhancer for Ro 5-4864-induced convulsions.
M6259 CP2 CP2 is a cyclic peptide that inhibits the JmjC histone demethylases KDM4 with IC50 values of 42 nM and 29 nM for KDM4A and KDM4C, respectively.
M6683 DMH4 DMH4 is a selective VEGFR-2 inhibitor.
M6684 DMP 543 DMP 543 is a potent, orally active ACh release enhancer.
M7535 HDM201 HDM201 is a novel, highly potent and selective inhibitor of the p53-Mdm2 interaction with affinity constant for Mdm2 in the picomolar range and a selectivity ratio greater than 10000-fold vs Mdm4.
M8268 4-MDM 4-MDM augments the aminopeptidase activity of LTA4 hydrolase without affecting the conversion of LTA4 to LTB4.
M8620 AS8351 AS8351 is an iron chelator that has been found to inhibit of histone demethylase KDM5B (JARID1B), a histone H3K4 demethylase involved in regulation of cell proliferation and stem cell self-renewal and differentiation.
M8769 Tasimelteon Tasimelteon is a Dual Melatonin Receptor Agonist (DMRA) recently approved (Hetlioz) for the treatment of Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder, a disorder primarily found in the totally blind, where a lack of normal synchronization between the 24-hour light–dark cycle and the endogenous circadian rhythm causes it to drift out of alignment with conventional sleep–wake schedules.
M8895 MX69 MX69 is a dual inhibitor of MDM2 and XIAP that binds to MDM2 RING protein with binding Kd values of 2.34 μM.
M9246 HUHS015 HUHS015 is a potent PCA-1/ALKBH3 inhibitor, which continuously administering HUHS015 significantly suppressed the growth of DU145 cells.
M9375 QC6352 QC6352 is a potent KDM4C inhibitor.
M9540 ODM-203 ODM-203 is an orally available inhibitor of VEGFR and FGFR, with IC50s of 26, 9, 5 nM for VEGFR1, VEGFR2 and VEGFR3, and 11, 16, 6, 35 nM for recombinant FGFR1, FGFR2, FGFR3 and FGFR4, respectively.
M9541 DM4 DM4, a chemical derivative of maytansine, is a potent and selective cytotoxic agent that inhibit cell division.
M9956 Darolutamide Darolutamide (ODM-201) is a new-generation, potent and selective androgen receptor (AR) inhibitor.
M10374 AMG 232 AMG 232 is an extremely potent MDM2 inhibitor (SPR KD = 0.045 nM, SJSA-1 EdU IC50 = 9.1 nM), with remarkable pharmacokinetic properties and in vivo antitumor activity in the SJSA-1 osteosarcoma xenograft model (ED50 = 9.1 mg/kg). *The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended
M10751 GNE-6640 Gne-6640 is a selective, non-covalent binding inhibitor of ubiquitin specific peptidase 7 (USP7). The IC50 values of GNE-6640 against USP7, USP7 catalytic domain, USP43 and UB-MDM2 are 0.75 μM and 0.43 μM, respectively. 20.3 μM and 0.23 μM.
M10774 Ac-FLTD-CMK Ac-FLTD-CMK is a gastrin D (GSDMD) derived inhibitor and is a specific inhibitor of inflammatory caspases. Ac-FLTD-CMK vs. caspases-1 (IC50 46.7 nM), caspases-4 (IC50 1.49 μM), caspases-5 (IC50 Both 329 nM) and caspases-11 are valid, but not for caspase-3 associated with apoptosis.
M10860 MRK-740 MRK-740 is a potent, selective, substrate-competitive PRDM9 histone methyltransferase inhibitor,IC50 80 nM. MRK-740 is more selective to PRDM9 than other histone methyltransferases and other non-epigenetic targets. MRK-740 Reduces PRDM9-Dependent H3K4 Trimethylation (IC50 0.8 μM).

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