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Trk Trk receptor

Cat.No.  Name Information
M6151 Larotrectinib (LOXO-101) Larotrectinib (LOXO-101) is a potent, ATP competitive TRK inhibitor with IC50s in low nanomolar range for inhibition of all TRK family members in binding and cellular assays, with 100x selectivity over other kinases, with 2 to 20 nM cellular potency against the TRKA, TRKB, and TRKC kinases.
M14580 Cyclotraxin B acetate Cyclotraxin B acetate, a cyclic peptide, is a highly potent and selective TrkB inhibitor without altering the binding of BDNF.
M14579 AZ-23 AZ-23 is an ATP-competitive and orally bioavailable Trk kinase A/B/C inhibitor with IC50s of 2 nM (TrkA), 8 nM (TrkB), 24 nM (FGFR1), 52 nM (Flt3), 55 nM (Ret), 84 nM (MuSk), 99 nM (Lck), respectively.
M11011 LM22B-10 LM22B-10 is a TrkB/TrkC neurotrophic factor receptor activator that induces activation of TrkB, TrkC, AKT and ERK in vitro.
M10936 Taletrectinib Taletrectinib (DS-6051b) is a potent orally active next-generation selective ROS1/NTRK inhibitor. Taletrectinib is 0.207, 0.622, 2.28, and 0.98 nM, respectively IC50 It has a strong inhibitory effect on recombinant ROS1, NTRK1, NTRK2 and NTRK3. Taletrectinib also inhibits ROS1 G2032R and other ANTI-Crizotinib ROS1 mutants.
M10736 CH7057288 CH7057288 is a potent selective TRK inhibitor.
M9107 Selitrectinib (LOXO-195) Selitrectinib (LOXO-195) is a potent and selective, next-generation TRK inhibitor, with IC50 values of 0.6±0.1 nM, <2.5 nM for TRKA and TRKC, respectively.
M6910 LM22A-4 LM22A-4 is a specific agonist of tyrosine kinase receptor B, used for neurological disease research.
M6211 LOXO-101 sulfate LOXO-101 sulfate is an oral potent and selective ATP-competitive inhibitor of tropomyosin receptor kinases (TRK).
M5304 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone acts as a potent and selective small-molecule agonist of the TrkB receptor (Kd ≈ 320 nM), the main signaling receptor of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).
M5074 ANA-12 ANA-12 is a selective TrkB antagonist with Kd of 10 nM and 12 μM for the high and low affinity sites, respectively.
M2744 GW441756 GW441756 is a potent, selective inhibitor of TrkA with IC50 of 2 nM, with very little activity to c-Raf1 and CDK2.
M2585 GNF-5837 GNF-5837 is a potent pan-Trk inhibitor which display antiproliferative effects in cellular Ba/F3 assays (IC50 values are 7, 9 and 11 nM for cells containing the fusion proteins Tel-TrkC, Tel-TrkB and Tel-TrkA, respectively.
M43539 Protein kinase inhibitor 4 Protein kinase inhibitor 4 is a protein kinase inhibitor that inhibits TRK-A and ROS1 (IC50=3.0 nM and 104 nM respectively).
M42719 TRK-IN-22 TRK-IN-22 is a TRK inhibitor.
M42718 TrkB-IN-1 TrkB-IN-1 is a potent and orally active TrkB agonist and has favorable PK properties.
M42717 Type II TRK inhibitor 1 Type II TRK inhibitor 1 is a potent TRK inhibitor, which inhibits various TRK fusion protein variants and wild type.
M42716 TRK-IN-23 TRK-IN-23 is a potent and orally active TRK inhibitor with IC50 values of 0.5 nM, 9 nM, 14 nM, 4.4 nM, and 4.8 nM against TRKA, TRKC, TRKAG595R, TRKAF589L, and TRKAG667C, respectively.
M28931 Anizatrectinib Anizatrectinib (hTrkA-IN-1) is a potent and orally active inhibitor of TrkA kinase with an IC50 of 1.3 nM. Anizatrectinib can be used for the study of inflammatory disease, such as prostatitis, pelvic, et al.
M24972 Bedinvetmab Bedinvetmab (ZTS-00508841) is a canine monoclonal antibody (mAb) targeting nerve growth factor (NGF). Bedinvetmab inhibits NGF interaction with tropomyosin receptor kinase A (trkA) and p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR) receptors. Bedinvetmab can be used for the research of osteoarthritis pain in dogs.

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