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Cat.No.  Name Information
M2978 RI-1 RI-1 is a RAD51 inhibitor with IC50 ranging from 5 to 30 μM.
M21625 CAM833 CAM833 is a potent orthosteric inhibitor of the interaction between BRCA2 and RAD51 with a Kd of 366 nM against the ChimRAD51 protein. CAM833 also inhibits RAD51 oligomerization.
M13725 IBR2 IBR2 is a potent and specific RAD51 inhibitor and inhibits RAD51-mediated DNA double-strand break repair.
M30247 DIDS  DIDS is a potent RAD51 inhibitor. DIDS inhibits the RAD51-mediated homologous pairing and strand-exchange reactions. DIDS inhibits anion exchange and binding to the red blood cell membrane.

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