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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

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Cat.No.  Name Information
M10426 1,3-Benzoxazole-6-carboxylic acid 1,3-Benzoxazole-6-carboxylic acid
M10425 Dimethyl succinate (Standard for GC) Dimethyl succinate is a biodegradable ester with low odor and low volatility and commonly serves as a flavoring agent that can be used in perfumery and personal are products, including skin-conditioning agents and emollient.
M10422 Sodium bicarbonate Sodium bicarbonate is an inorganic salt used as a buffering agent and a pH adjuster, it also serves as a neutralizer.
M10420 Proglumide Proglumide is a nonpeptide and orally active cholecystokinin (CCK)-A/B receptors antagonist.
M10419 Fmoc-Asn(Trt)-OPfp Fmoc-Asn(Trt)-OPfp is a non-essential amino acid.
M10415 Curdlan Curdlan is a polysaccharide produced by bacteria and a homopolymer of glucose with β-1,3-glucosidic linkage.
M10392 Corticotropin Corticotropin (ACTH) is a polypeptide hormone extracted from the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland of mammals, acts on the adrenal cortex, and has the effect of promoting the proliferation of adrenal cortex tissue and the production and secretion of corticosteroids.
M10390 Aminooxy-acetic acid (AOA) Aminooxy-acetic acid (AOA) is a GABA transaminase (GABA-T) inhibitor (Ki = 9.16 μM) that induces GABA accumulation in the brain. It also inhibits cystathionine β synthase (CBS) and cystathionine γ lyase (CSE) with IC50 values of 8.5 and 1.1 μM, respectively.
M10389 Aminoethoxyvinyl glycine hydrochloride Aminoethoxyvinyl glycine hydrochloride is an ethylene synthesis inhibitor. It is used to study the roles of ethylene in plant processes such as gravitropism and fasciation/cresting.
M10368 Gelatin (from porcine skin) Gelatin is a heterogeneous mixture of water-soluble proteins of high average molecular masses, present in collagen. Gelatin has been used in many applications. It has use in coating cell culture to improve attachment of cells, being added to PCR to stabilize Taq DNA, as a blocking reagent in Western blotting, ELISA, and immunochemistry, and as a component of media for species differentiation in bacteriology.
M10366 Carbutamide Carbutamide (BZ-55) is the first-generation orally active sulfonylurea with hypoglycemic activity.
M10361 Albumin, Fatty Acid Free
M10355 Uric acid sodium Uric acid sodium is a scavenger of oxygen radical, it is a very important antioxidant that help maintains the stability of blood pressure and antioxidant stress.
M10350 Resazurin sodium Resazurin sodium salt is a blue non-fluorescent dye,is widely used as a metabolic indicator for living cells.
M10349 Dihydrocytochalasin B Dihydrocytochalasin B is a Cytokinesis inhibitor and changes the morphology of the cells, similar to that of cytochalasin B.
M10341 Lauric acid Lauric acid is a middle chain-free fatty acid with strong bactericidal properties.
M10336 KL1333 KL1333 is an orally available, small organic molecule that reacts with NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) as a substrate, resulting in increases in intracellular NAD+ levels via NADH oxidation.
M10322 GSK-2330672 (Linerixibat) GSK-2330672, also known as linerixibat, is a highly potent, nonabsorbable apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter inhibitor for the research of type 2 diabetes.
M10319 Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), bovine Acetate Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), bovine Acetate is a potent parathyroid hormone (PTH) receptor agonist.
M10310 Miglustat hydrochloride Miglustat hydrochloride also known as OGT 918 and NB-DNJ, inhibits glucosylceramide synthase, and is used primarily to treat Type I Gaucher disease (GD1).
M10307 Benzolamide Benzolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.
M10304 MYLS22 MYLS22 is a first-in-class and selective optic atrophy 1 (OPA1) inhibitor with anti-angiogenesis and anti-cancer activity.
M10301 Fucoxanthin Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid that occurs naturally in certain algae with anti-obesity, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, anticancer and anti-inflammatory activities.
M10292 Salicylhydroxamic acid
M10291 Ethyl 4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamate Ethyl ferulate is the alkyl ester derivative of ferulic acid which is a naturally occurring plant product with anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antiproliferative activities.
M10285 MID-1 MID-1 is an inhibitor of MG53-IRS-1 (Mitsugumin 53-Insulin Receptor Substrate-1) interaction.
M10270 Agnuside Agnuside is a compound isolated from Vitex negundo with anti-arthritic activity.
M10267 Sodium thiocyanate Sodium thiocyanate is used in printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical industries, as well as reagents and solvents for polyacrylonitrile.
M10266 Sodium cyclamate Cyclamate is a commonly used non-nutritive synthetic sweetener.
M10265 Albumin Low endotoxin
M10264 4-Methylumbelliferyl α-D-galactopyranoside 4-Methylumbelliferyl α-D-galactopyranoside
M10263 Sodium hyaluronate Sodium Hyaluronic is is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues, it is used as a humectant to increase moisture in the skin, it may also serve as an emulsifier.
M10262 Mavacamten (MYK-461) Mavacamten, also known as SAR-439152 and MYK-461, is a myosin inhibitor potentially for the treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
M10260 γ-Cyclodextrin Cyclodextrins may be used to form inclusion complexes with a variety of drug molecules, resulting primarily in improvements to dissolution and bioavailability owing to enhanced solubility and improved chemical and physical stability.
M10259 Spastazoline Spastazoline is a potent and selective, cell permeable inhibitor for aaa+ (atpases associated with diverse cellular activities) proteins, inhibiting the microtubule-severing aaa+ protein spastin, with IC50 of 99 nM for human spastin.
M10255 Phosphatidylserine
M10242 Antagonist G Antagonist G is an anticancer peptide and it is also a potent vasopressin antagonist.
M10224 YAP-TEAD-IN-1 TFA YAP-TEAD-IN-1 TFA is a competitive inhibitor of YAP-TEAD interaction with IC50 of 25 nM.
M10221 Gly-Gly-Tyr-Arg Gly-Gly-Tyr-Arg
M10219 D-Glucuronic acid D-Glucuronic acid is a carboxylic acid with structural similarity to glucose with detoxifying activity.
M10213 L-Tryptophan L-tryptophan is an amino acid. it is necessary for normal growth in infants and for nitrogen balance in adults, which cannot be synthesized from more basic substances in humans and other animals.
M10212 L-Threonine L-threonine could adjust the balance of amino acid in feed, promote growth, improve meat quality and improve ncrease the value of feed raw materials of lower amino acid digestibility and produce the low protein feed, save protein resources, reduce the cost of feed ingredients, reduce the nitrogen content of manure and urine and decrease the concentration and release rate of animal building ammonia.
M10202 1-Thioglycerol 1-Thioglycerol, a derivatization reagent, is used to study the pH-sensitive photoluminescence of aqueous thiol-capped CdTe nanocrystals.
M10199 DSS Crosslinker (Disuccinimidyl suberate) DSS Crosslinker (Disuccinimidyl suberate) is a non-cleavable, cell membrane permeable ADC linker used in the synthesis of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
M10193 Fructose Fructose is a simple ketonic monosaccharide extracted from honey, fruits, berries, melon.
M10189 OTS514 OTS514 is a potent TOPK (T-LAK cell-originated protein kinase) inhibitor.
M10188 2,2'-Cyclouridine 2,2'-Cyclouridine is a research tool for antiviral and anticancer studies.
M10187 Zinc Protoporphyrin Zinc Protoporphyrin is an orally active and competitive heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) inhibitor.
M10185 4-(4'-Bromophenyl)-4-hydroxypiperidine 4-(4'-Bromophenyl)-4-hydroxypiperidine is reported to show potential antioxidant activity.
M10177 Collagenase IV Type IV collagenase, ≥125 CDU/mg solid ( CDU = collagen digestion units ) is especially suitable for the digestion of islet tissue.

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