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M9916 DPPH DPPH (2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) is a stable free radical that measures the free radical scavenging activity of antioxidants.
M9665 N-(2-amino-2-oxoethyl)acrylamide N-(2-Amino-2-oxoethyl)acrylamide
M9643 EGTA tetrasodium salt EGTA is a chelating agent selective for Ca2+.
M9336 Insulin (Pig) Insulin has anabolic properties that include the stimulation of both skeletal muscle and liver cells to incorporate glucose and convert it to glycogen, to synthesize proteins from amino acids in the blood, and to act on fat cells to enhance their uptake of glucose and the synthesis of fat.
M9331 10-Hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-H2DA) is the principal lipid component in royal jelly which is the food for queen and larvae honeybees.
M9330 Brij-35 Brij-35 (Polidocanol) is a high HLB, ethoxylated, nonionic ether of lauryl alcohol with broad pH stability.
M9325 EGTA EGTA is a specific calcium chelator with a Kd of 60.5 nM at physiological pH (7.4) and a high specificity for Ca2+ than for Mg2+.EGTA significantly inhibits the substrate adhesion capacity of inflammatory macrophages.
M9226 D-Mannose D-Mannose is a carbohydrate, which plays an important role in human metabolism, especially in the glycosylation of specific proteins.
M9194 Insulin (human) Insulin (human) is a polypeptide hormone that regulates the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood and is produced by beta cells of islets.
M9164 Insulin(cattle) Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by beta cells of the pancreatic islets. The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended.
M7791 Exo-1 Exo1 is a reversible inhibitor of exocytosis, also a Golgi ARF 1 (ADP-Ribosylation Factor) GTPase activator.
M7529 Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine hydrochloride Disufide crosslinks of cystines in proteins can be reduced to cysteine residues by TCEP (tris-(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine). Unlike DTT (dithiothreitol), TCEP does not contain thiols and therefore usually does not need to be removed prior to thiol modification.
M7131 Phenanthroline Phenanthroline is a compound that promotes differentiation of hPSC into cranial lamina cells.
M6154 2-PMPA tetrasodium 2-PMPA (PMPA tetrasodium salt) is a potent and selective inhibitor of glutamate carboxypeptidase II (GCPII) with an IC50 of 300 pM.
M6098 Baicalein Baicalein is a CYP2C9 and prolyl endopeptidase inhibitor, IC50 value of 3.12 mM.
M6005 Testosterone undecanoate Testosterone undecanoate is an ester of testosterone; used in androgen replacement therapy primarily for the treatment of male hypogonadism, and is currently under research for use as a male contraceptive.
M5696 Hydroquinidine Hydroquinidine (Dihydroquinidine, Hydroconchinine, Hydroconquinine, Dihydroquinine) is a multichannel blocker with anticancer and antimalarial activity, acting on Plasmodium with a median IC50 of 129 nM, and can be used in studies related to short QT and Brugada arrhythmia syndrome.
M3409 Formestane Formestane is a second generation selective aromatase inhibitor with an IC50 of 80 nM.
M2250 Pamidronate disodium Pamidronate disodium is a nitrogen containing bisphosphonate, used to prevent osteoporosis.
M2206 TH-302 (Evofosfamide) TH-302 is a highly potent and selective hypoxia-activated procompound targeting hypoxic regions of solid tumors with IC50 of 19 nM.

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