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GLUT Glucose transporter

Cat.No.  Name Information
M28266 KL-11743  KL-11743 is a potent, orally active, and glucose-competitive inhibitor of the class I glucose transporters, with IC50s of 115, 137, 90, and 68 nM for GLUT1, GLUT2, GLUT3, and GLUT4, respectively. KL-11743 specifically blocks glucose metabolism. KL-11743 can synergize with electron transport inhibitors to induce cell death.
M8661 BAY-588 BAY-588 is an inactive control probe for BAY-876.
M7744 Dihydrokainic acid Dihydrokainic acid is a selective inhibitor of the GLT-1 glutamate transporter.
M6316 1,9-Dideoxyforskolin 1,9-Dideoxyforskolin is a inactive analog of forskolin
M6156 WZB117 WZB117 is an inhibitor of Glucose Transporter 1 (GLUT1). It inhibited cell proliferation in lung cancer A549 cells and breast cancer MCF7 cells with an IC50 of approximately 10 μM.
M4970 STF-31 STF-31 is a selective glucose transporter GLUT1 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 1 μM. STF-31 is also a NAMPT inhibitor.
M20762 DRB18 DRB18 is a pan-GLUT (glucose transporters) inhibitor that inhibits growth and proliferation in several different cancer types with IC50 high nM range.

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