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M9432 trans-Zeatin Plant growth regulators
trans-Zeatin is a plant cytokinin, which plays an important role in cell growth, differentiation, and division.
M9433 trans-Zeatin-riboside Plant growth regulators
trans-Zeatin-riboside is a type of cytokinin precursor, acts as a major long-distance signalling form in xylem vessels, regulates leaf size and meristem activity-related traits.
M25535 Zeatin Plant growth regulators
Zeatin is a coconut milk-derived plant hormone and is a common plant cytokinin that is found in the developing or meristematic tissues and organs such as roots, shoot apex, immature organs, and others.
M31088 Dihydrozeatin riboside Plant growth regulators
DL-Dihydrozeatin riboside; DHZR
Dihydrozeatin riboside is a natural product found in Pseudomonas sava and is also a cytokinin derivative.
M31089 cis-Zeatin riboside Plant growth regulators
cis-Zeatin riboside is a natural product found in alfalfa that has cytokinin effects.
M31090 Cis-Zeatin Plant growth regulators
Cis-Zeatin is a natural product commonly found in plants and has the function of regulating plant immunity.

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