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M2289 5-fluorouracil 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is a potent antitumor agent that affects pyrimidine synthesis by inhibiting thymidylate synthetase thus depleting intracellular dTTP pools.
M7529 Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine hydrochloride Disufide crosslinks of cystines in proteins can be reduced to cysteine residues by TCEP (tris-(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine). Unlike DTT (dithiothreitol), TCEP does not contain thiols and therefore usually does not need to be removed prior to thiol modification.
M8608 JT010 JT010 is a non-cytotoxic and highly stable (>90% remains after 2 h in 1 mM DTT or 2-mercaptoethanol) chloroacetamido warhead-carrying thiazole derivative that acts as a potent and TRPA1-selective channel activator via covalent modification of TRPA1 active site Cys621.
M9093 DTT Dithiothreitol (DTT) is the common name for a small-molecule redox reagent known as Cleland's reagent; as a reducing or "deprotecting" agent for thiolated DNA.

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