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M1985 Odanacatib Odanacatib (MK-0822) is a potent and reversible covalent inhibitor of CathepsinK (CatK) with an IC50 of 0.2 nM/1 nM for human/rabbit cathepsin B, L, and S and is highly selective.
M1987 LY2886721 LY2886721 is an effective, selective, orally active inhibitor of beta-site amyloid precursor protein lyase 1 (BACE1) with an IC50 of 20.3 nM against recombinant human BACE1. LY2886721 showed higher selectivity for BACE1 than cathepsin D, pepsin and renin, but lacked selectivity for BACE2 (IC50 was 10.2 nM). LY2886721 crosses the blood-brain barrier and can be used to study Alzheimer's disease.
M2600 Balicatib Balicatib is a potent and selective inhibitor of cathepsin K; 10-100-fold more potent in cell-based enzyme occupancy assays than against cathepsin B, L, and S.
M2497 Cathepsin Inhibitor 1 Cathepsin Inhibitor 1 is an inhibitor of Cathepsin (L, L2, S, K, B) with pIC50 of 7.9, 6.7, 6.0, 5.5 and 5.2, respectively.
M3636 Leupeptin hemisulfate Leupeptin hemisulfate hemisulfate is the reversible inhibitor of lysosomal serine and cysteine proteinases; Leupeptin; inhibition of cathepsin B(Ki=6 nM), calpain(Ki=10 nM), trypsin (Ki=35 nM), plasmin (Ki=3.4 μM) and kallikrein (Ki=19 μM) had no effect on chymotrypsin, elastase, renin, or pepsin.
M4767 aurantiamide-acetate Aurantiamide acetate is a selective and orally active cathepsin inhibitor isolated from Portulaca Oleracea L. Aurantiamide acetate has anti-inflammatory activity and can be used to study inflammatory diseases.
M5070 Mc-Val-Cit-PABC-PNP Mc-Val-Cit-PABC-PNP is a cathepsin cleavable ADC peptide linker. For example, FDA approved compound, brentuximab vedotin, adopts this linker.
M5221 MG-101 MG-101 is a potent inhibitor of cysteine proteases including calpain I (Ki = 190 nM), calpain II (Ki = 220 nM), cathepsin B (Ki = 150 nM), and cathepsin L (Ki = 500 pM). IC50 value: 150 nM (Ki)
M6236 CA-074 Me CA-074 Me is a membrane-permeable derivative of CA-074 and acts as an irreversible cathepsin B inhibitor.
M6237 CA-074 CA-074 is a potent inhibitor of cathepsin B with a Ki of 2 to 5 nM.
M7295 SID 26681509 SID 26681509 is a cathepsin L inhibitor.
M10280 L006235 L006235 (L235) is a potent, reversible cathepsin K inhibitor (IC50 = 0.25 nM) that displays > 4000-fold selectivity over cathepsins B, L and S.
M10403 MC-Val-Cit-PAB-MMAF MC-Val-Cit-PAB-MMAF is a drug-linker conjugate for ADC with antitumor activity by using the tubulin inhibitor, MMAF, linked via cathepsin cleavable MC-Val-Cit-PAB.
M10412 Val-cit-PAB-OH Val-cit-PAB-OH is a cathepsin cleavable ADC peptide linker for making MC-​Val-​Cit-​PAB, which is also known as MC-​Val-​Cit-​PAB-OH.
M10900 AZD3839 free base AZD3839 free base is a potent and selective orally active, brain-permeable BACE1 inhibitor (Ki=26 nM). AZD3839 free base shows 14 and >1000-fold selectivity against BACE2 and cathepsin D, respectively.
M11252 Recombinant Human Cathepsin B(CHO,His) Cathepsin B is an enzymatic protein that is a member of the peptidase (or protease) family.
M13538 Z-WEHD-FMK Z-WEHD-FMK is a potent, cell-permeable and irreversible caspase-1/5 inhibitor. Z-WEHD-FMK also exhibits a robust inhibitory effect on cathepsin B activity (IC50=6 μM). Z-WEHD-FMK can be used to investigate cells for evidence of apoptosis.
M14304 3-Epiursolic Acid 3-Epiursolic Acid is a triterpenoid isolated from Myrtaceae, acts as a competitive inhibitor of cathepsin L (ICIC50, 6.5 μM; Ki, 19.5 μM), with no obvious effect on cathepsin B.
M14307 LY 3000328 LY 3000328 is a potent and selective Cathepsin S (Cat S) inhibitor with IC50s of 7.7 and 1.67 nM for hCat S and mCat S, respectively.
M14308 SID 26681509 quarterhydrate SID 26681509 quarterhydrate is a potent, reversible, competitive, and selective inhibitor of human cathepsin L with an IC50 of 56 nM.
M20820 Gly-Phe β-naphthylamide Gly-Phe β-naphthylamide (Gly-Phe beta-naphthylamide) is a substrate of cathepsin C that accumulates within the lysosome. Gly-Phe-β-naphthylamide can inhibit the cathepsin-dependent activation of caspase-8.
M20881 2-cyano-Pyrimidine 2-cyano-Pyrimidine is a cathepsin K inhibitor with an IC50 of 170 nM.
M21400 LHVS LHVS is a potent, non-selective, irreversible, cell-permeable inhibitor of cysteine protease and cathepsin. lHVS reduces actin ring formation. lHVS inhibits T. gondii invasion with an IC50 of 10 μM.
M21451 Recombinant Human Cathepsin K protein(E.coli) Protein construction: The DNA sequence encoding human CTSK (Ala115-Met329) is fused with His tag. Accession #P43235.

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