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M1771 PTC124 (Ataluren) Ataluren (PTC124) is a novel, orally available small molecular CFTR-G542X nonsense allele inhibitor.
M1854 VX-770 (Ivacaftor) VX-770 (Ivacaftor) is a potentiator of CFTR, which targeting G551D-CFTR and F508del-CFTR with EC50 of 100 nM and 25 nM, respectively.
M1923 Lonidamine Lonidamine is a novel CFTR open channel blocker with an IC50 of 0.85 mM, which inhibits aerobic glycolysis in cancer cells.
M2102 VX-809 VX-809 is a CFTR corrector that improves CFTR processing and maturation in the cell.
M2504 CFTRinh-172 CFTRinh-172 is a voltage-independent, selective CFTR inhibitor with Ki of 300 nM, showing no effects on MDR1, ATP-sensitive K+ channels, or a series of other transporters.
M2774 IOWH032 IOWH032 is a synthetic CFTR inhibitor with IC50 of 1.01 μM in CHO-CFTR cell based assays. Phase 1/2.
M3128 VX-661 Vx-661 is the second F508del CFTR correction compound that assists the CFTR protein to reach the cell surface.
M3147 PPQ-102 PPQ-102 is a potent CFTR inhibitor which can completely inhibited CFTR chloride current with IC 50 approximately 90 nM.
M3547 Glibenclamide Glibenclamide (Glyburide) is an orally active ATP-sensitive K+ channel (KATP) inhibitor. Glibenclamide inhibits P-glycoprotein. Glibenclamide directly binds and blocks the SUR1 subunits of KATP and inhibits the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein (CFTR).
M6754 GlyH 101 GlyH 101 is a reversible, voltage-dependent CFTR chloride channel blocker.
M6867 KM 11060 KM 11060 is a corrects F508del-CFTR trafficking.
M7128 PG 01 PG 01 is a cFTR potentiator; corrects F508del-CFTR conductance defect.
M7723 CBIQ CBIQ is an activator of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) and the intermediate-conductance calcium-sensitive K+ channel (KCNN4).
M7980 Ouabain octahydrate Cardiac glycoside, inhibits Na(+)/K(+) ATPase, regulates transcription of MDR (increase, Pgp) and MRP (increase MRP1 and decrease CFTR, cyctic fibrosis transport receptor or cAMP-activated Cl- channel) genes, also alters localization of MRP1.
M9097 GLPG1837 GLPG1837 (ABBV-974) is a novel CFTR potentiator, with EC50s of 3 nM and 339 nM for F508del and G551D CFTR, respectively.
M10162 Elexacaftor (VX-445) Elexacaftor (VX-445) is a next-generation modulator of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR).
M14205 BPO-27 racemate BPO-27 racemate is a potent CFTR inhibitor with an IC50 of 8 nM.
M14206 Nesolicaftor Nesolicaftor (PTI-428) is a specific cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) amplifier.
M20965 FDL169 FDL169 is a CFTR corrector that is designed to fix and restore the function of the defective CFTR protein.
M21104 GLPG2451 GLPG2451 is an enhancer of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) and effectively enhances cryo-rescued F508del CFTR with an EC50 of 11.1 nM.
M21132 NJH-2-057 NJH-2-057 is a conjugate of the deubiquitinase OTUB1 covalent ligand-linked lumacaftor, which stabilizes mutant CFTR proteins in cells.
M21140 Icenticaftor Icenticaftor (QBW251) is an oral enhancer of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) channel with an EC50 of 79 nM for F508del and 497 nM for G551D CFTR. Icenticaftor can be used in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis studies.
M21215 CP-628006 The CFTR potentiator CP-628006 enhances CFTR function in cystic fibrosis patient-derived air chamber cells by a mechanism of action different from that of existing potentiators such as ivacaftor.

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