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M3333 Hexestrol Hexestrol binds to ERα and ERβ with EC50 of 0.07 nM and 0.175 nM, respectively.
M5791 Mitomycin C Mitomycin C (Ametycine) is an antineoplastic antibiotic by inhibiting DNA synthesis.
M10164 Icatibant (HOE 140) acetate Icatibant (HOE-140) acetate is a potent and specific peptide antagonist of bradykinin B2 receptor, with IC50 value of 1.07 nM and Ki value of 0.798 nM, respectively.
M10709 TAS0728 TAS0728 is an effective, selective, oral, irreversible, covalently bound HER2 inhibitor covalently bound to the C805 site of HER2, inhibiting its activity.IC50 The value is 13 nM. TAS0728 to BMX, HER4, BLK, EGFR, JAK3, SLK, LOK and HUMAN HER2 IC50 The values are 4.9, 8.5, 31, 65, 33, 25, 86, and 36 nM, respectively. TAS0728 simultaneously inhibits phosphorylation of HER2, HER3 and its downstream effector proteins. Has antitumor activity.
M10843 KB-0742 dihydrochloride KB-0742 dihydrochloride is a potent, selective and orally active CDK9 inhibitor against CDK9/cyclin T1 IC50 is 6 nM. KB-0742 dihydrochloride is selective for CDK9/cyclin T1, which is more than 50 times more selective than other CDK kinases. KB-0742 dihydrochloride has potent anti-tumor activity.
M11405 Inavolisib (GDC-0077) Inavolisib (GDC-0077; RG6114) is a potential best-in-class, orally selective PI3Kα inhibitor (IC50=0.038 nM). GDC-0077 (RG6114) exerts its activity by binding to the ATP binding site of PI3K, thereby inhibiting the phosphorylation of PIP2 to PIP3. GDC-0077 (RG6114) is more selective for mutants compared to wild-type PI3Kα. It can trigger the degradation of mutation-producing PIK3α.
M13916 Icatibant Icatibant (HOE-140) is a potent and specific peptide antagonist of bradykinin B2 receptor with IC50 and Ki of 1.07 nM and 0.798 nM respectively.
M14255 IK1 inhibitor PA-6 IK1 inhibitor PA-6 (PA-6), a pentamidine analogue, is a selective and potent IK1 (KIR2.x ion-channel-carried inward rectifier current) inhibitor, with IC50 values of 12-15 nM for human and mouse KIR2.x currents.
M14590 MRT67307 MRT67307 is a dual inhibitor of the IKKε and TBK-1 with IC50s of 160 and 19 nM, respectively. MRT67307 also inhibits ULK1 and ULK2 with IC50s of 45 and 38 nM, respectively. MRT67307 also blocks autophagy in cells.
M14772 SPOP-IN-6b SPOP-IN-6b is a speckle-type POZ protein (SPOP) inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.58 μM (patent CN 107141287, SPOP-B-88).
M14798 TR antagonist 1 TR antagonist 1 is a high-affinity thyroid hormone receptor (TR) antagonist with IC50s of 36 and 22 nM for TRα and TRβ, respectively.
M20797 SRX3207 SRX3207 is an orally active dual inhibitor of Syk-PI3K with IC50 of 39.9 nM, 31200 nM, 3070 nM, 3070 nM, 244 nM, 388 nM, 9790 nM for Syk, Zap70, BRD41, BRD42, PI3K alpha, PI3K delta, PI3K gamma, respectively. SRX3207 blocks tumor immunosuppression and increases anti-tumor immunity.
M21148 (R)-CR8 trihydrochloride (R)-CR8 trihydrochloride, one of the isomers of CR8, is a potent CDK1/2/5/7/9 inhibitor with anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects on CML cell lines. (R)-CR8 trihydrochloride inhibited CDK1/cyclin B (IC50=0.09 μM), CDK2/cyclin A (0.072 μM), CDK2/cyclin E (0.041 μM), CDK5/p25 (0.11 μM), CDK7/cyclin H (1.1 μM ), CDK9/cyclin T (0.18 μM) and CK1δ/ε (0.4 μM).
M25040 Lerodalcibep Lerodalcibep (LIB003) is a recombinant fusion protein of a PCSK9-binding domain (adnectin) and human serum albumin. Lerodalcibep is a Lipid-lowering agent. Lerodalcibep can be used for the research of hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular diseases.

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