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Se-Methylselenocysteine Structure

Methylselenocysteine; Se-Methylseleno-L-cysteine

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Mitoguazone is a brain-penetrant and competitive S-adenosyl-methionine decarboxylase (SAMDC) inhibitor that disrupts polyamine biosynthesis. Mitoguazone induces cell apoptosis. Mitoguazone inhibits HIV DNA integration into the cellular DNA in both monocytes and macrophages.

Cholesterol hemisuccinate Tris salt

Cholesteryl Hemisuccinate Tris Salt is a cholesterol analogue with hepatoprotective, anticancer and tumour growth inhibiting properties. Cholesteryl Hemisuccinate Tris Salt inhibits the hepatotoxicity of acetaminophen and prevents AAP-induced apoptosis and necrosis in hepatocytes.


BDE-47 is an apoptosis inducer involving ROS mediated mitochondrial pathway and Nrf2 pathway activation. BDE-47 reduced cell viability and disrupted mitochondrial dynamics by inhibiting mitochondrial fusion and fission simultaneously, leading to MMP decreases, ROS overgeneration, ATP depletion, and cellular disintegration in a dose-dependent manner.

Cytochrome C (from Pig Heart)

Cytochrome C (from Pig Heart) is a multifunctional enzyme involved in cellular life and death decisions.Cytochrome C is critical in mitochondrial electron transport and intrinsic type II apoptosis.

Celosin K

Celosin K, a triterpenoid saponin isolated from the seeds of Semen Celosiae, is also a potent inhibitor of t-BHP-induced neuronal damage. In addition, Celosin K inhibits oxidative stress, apoptosis, and autophagy.

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