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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

Proteasome Proteasome


Cat.No.  Name Information
M9577 RA190 hydrochloride RA190 HCl is a potent RPN13 and ADRM1 Inhibitor, inhibits proteasome function by covalently binding to cysteine 88 of ubiquitin receptor RPN13.
M9570 PTP1B-IN-9 PTP1B-IN-9 is a ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS)-stressor with anticancer activity.
M7934 MDL 28170 MDL 28170 is a potent cell permeable calpain I and II inhibitor, it reduces capsaicin-mediated cell death in cultured dorsal root ganglion neurons.
M5966 Sivelestat sodium tetrahydrate Sivelestat sodium tetrahydrate is a competitive inhibitor of human neutrophil elastase, also inhibits leukocyte elastase obtained from rabbit, rat, hamster and mouse.
M5221 MG-101 MG-101 is a potent inhibitor of cysteine proteases including calpain I (Ki = 190 nM), calpain II (Ki = 220 nM), cathepsin B (Ki = 150 nM), and cathepsin L (Ki = 500 pM). IC50 value: 150 nM (Ki)
M4985 VR23 VR23 is a small molecule that potently inhibited the activities of trypsin-like proteasomes (IC50 = 1 nM), chymotrypsin-like proteasomes (IC50 = 50-100 nM), and caspase-like proteasomes (IC50 = 3 μM).
M3657 Pepstatin A Pepstatin A is a potent aspartic protease inhibitor, and also inhibits HIV replication.
M3478 Gabexate Mesylate Gabexate Mesylate is a serine protease inhibitor with IC50 of 0.19 μM which is used therapeutically in the treatment of pancreatitis and disseminated intravascular coagulation.
M3476 CEP-18770 CEP-18770 is an orally active inhibitor of the chymotrypsin-like activity of proteasome with IC50 of 3.8 nM, with only marginal inhibition of the tryptic and peptidylglutamyl activities of the proteosome.
M2995 Salinosporamide A Salinosporamide A (NPI-0052, Marizomib) is a novel marine derived proteasome inhibitor which inhibits CT-L, C-L, and T-L proteasome activities in human erythrocyte-derived 20S proteasomes with EC50 of 3.5 nM, 430 nM, 28 nM.
M2952 PMSF PMSF is an irreversible serine/cysteine protease inhibitor.
M2801 Lactacystin Lactacystin is a potent and selective inhibitor of the 20S proteasome.
M2285 MLN2238 MLN2238 inhibits the chymotrypsin-like proteolytic (β5) site of the 20S proteasome with IC50 and Ki of 3.4 nM and 0.93 nM, respectively.
M2193 Epoxomicin Epoxomicin is a cell-permeable, novel proteasome inhibitor with an IC50 value of 4 nM.
M2152 Carfilzomib Carfilzomib (PR-171) is a novel and selective, irreversible proteasome inhibitor with IC50 of <5 nM. *The compound is unstable in solutions, freshly prepared is recommended.
M2150 Oprozomib Oprozomib (ONX 0912) is a novel orally proteasome inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
M2122 MLN9708 MLN9708 is a novel orally bioactive proteasome inhibitor, inhibits the chymotrypsin-like proteolytic (β5) site of the 20S proteasome with an IC50 value of 3.4 nM.
M2071 ONX-0914 ONX-0914 (PR-957) is a potent and selective immunoproteasome inhibitor.
M2035 IU1 IU1 is a reversible, small molecule inhibitor of deubiquitination by USP14 that demonstrates an IC50 value of 4-5 μM.
M1902 MG132 MG132 is a specific and potent cell-permeable proteasome inhibitor (IC50 = 100 nM, Ki = 4 nM).
M1844 ITMN-191 ITMN-191 (Danoprevir, RG7227) is a potent and orally active inhibitor of hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3/4A serine protease with an IC50 of 1.6 nM.
M1724 CTP-518 CTP-518 is a novel HIV protease inhibitor. CTP-518 has the potential to be the first HIV protease inhibitor toeliminate the need to co-dose with a boosting agent.
M1686 Bortezomib Bortezomib (PS-341) is a highly selective proteasome inhibitor with a ki value of 6nM.

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