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c-Kit c-Kit

Cat.No.  Name Information
M4867 Pexidartinib Pexidartinib (PLX3397) is an oral, potent mutil-targeted receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor of CSF-1R, Kit, and Flt3 with IC50 of 20 nM, 10 nM and 160 nM, respectively.
M3241 Imatinib Imatinib is a multi-target inhibitor of v-Abl, c-Kit and PDGFR with IC50 of 0.6 μM, 0.1 μM and 0.1 μM, respectively.
M22464 M4205 M4205 is a c-KIT inhibitor, with an IC50 of 10 nM for c-KIT V654A. M4205 has high activity on c-KIT mutations in exon 11, 13, 17.
M20646 AZD3229 AZD3229 is a potent, pan-KIT mutant inhibitor with potent single digit nM growth inhibition against a diverse panel of mutant KIT driven Ba/F3 cell lines (GI50=1-50 nM), with good margin to KDR-driven effects. It also inhibits PDGFR mutants (Tel-PDGFRα, Tel-PDGFRβ, V561D/D842V).
M10665 Masitinib mesylate Masitinib (AB-1010) mesylate is a potent, orally bioavailable and selective inhibitor of c-Kit, IC50 of 200 nM for human recombinant c-Kit. It also inhibits PDGFRα/β, LynB with IC50 values of 540, 800 and 510 nM.
M9903 Ripretinib Ripretinib (DCC-2618) is an orally bioavailable, selective KIT and PDGFR-alpha inhibitor.
M5329 Motesanib Motesanib (AMG-706) is a potent ATP-competitive inhibitor of VEGFR1/2/3 with IC50 of 2 nM/3 nM/6 nM, respectively; similar activity against Kit, ~10-fold more selective for VEGFR than PDGFR and Ret.
M43484 Labuxtinib Labuxtinib is c-kit tyrosine kinase inhibitor.
M29836 Elenestinib phosphate Elenestinib phosphate (BLU-263 phosphate) is a potent and orally active tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Elenestinib phosphate has the potential for the research of systemic mastocytosis (SM).
M29682 Elenestinib Elenestinib (BLU-263) is a potent and orally active tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Elenestinib has the potential for the research of systemic mastocytosis (SM).
M28692 Bezuclastinib Bezuclastinib (CGT9486; PLX 9486) is a potent inhibitor of c-kit and c-kit D816V (0.0001 < IC50 < 1 μM). Bezuclastinib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.
M27723 Amuvatinib hydrochloride Amuvatinib hydrochloride (MP470 hydrochloride) is an orally bioavailable multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor with potent activity against mutant c-Kit, PDGFRα, Flt3, c-Met and c-Ret. Amuvatinib hydrochloride (MP470 hydrochloride) is also a DNA repair suppressor through suppression of DNA repair protein RAD51, thereby disrupting DNA damage repair. Antineoplastic activity.
M27604 c-Kit-IN-5-1  c-Kit-IN-5 is potent inhibitor of c-Kit, with IC50s of 22 nM and 16 nM in kinase assay and cell assay, respectively. c-Kit-IN-5 shows more than 200-fold selectivity for c-Kit over KDR, p38, Lck, and Src. c-Kit-IN-5 also exhibits desirable pharmacokinetic properties.
M25163 Barzolvolimab Barzolvolimab (CDX 0159) is a humanized anti-KIT IgG1 monoclonal antibody. Barzolvolimab specificity and potently inhibits KIT activation by SCF. Barzolvolimab can reduce skin mast cells and disease activity in chronic inducible urticaria.
M20635 DCC-2618 DCC-2618 is an orally bioavailable switch pocket control inhibitor of wild-type and mutated forms of KIT and PDGFR with potential antineoplastic activity. It also inhibits several other kinases, including VEGFR2, TIE2, PDGFR-beta and CSF1R, thereby further inhibiting tumor cell growth.

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