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M10696 Protosappanin A JAK
原苏木素A; PTA
Protosappanin A (PTA), an immune agent, is a major biphenyl compound isolated from Caesalpinia sappan L that inhibits the JAK2/STAT3-dependent inflammatory pathway by down-regulating the phosphorylation of JAK2 and STAT3.
M42625 Protosappanin A dimethyl acetal Xanthine Oxidase
Protosappanin A dimethyl acetal is a homoisoflavonoid.
M4490 Protosappanin-B Apoptosis
Protosappanin B is a polyphenol substance extracted from Sappanwood, which has anti-tumor effect. In human bladder cancer cells, it can induce apoptosis by arresting G1 phase of cell cycle.

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