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Cat.No.  Name Target
M4614 Orientin Immunology/Inflammation
M4615 2-O-beta-L-galactopyranosylorientin Others
2" -o-beta-l-galactopyrano sylorientin extracted from the flower of Trollius Ledebouri. 2" -o-beta-l-galactopyrano sylorientin is involved in transporter-mediated efflux and is a substrate for multidrug-resistant protein 2 (MRP2). It has anti-inflammatory effects.
M4667 Homoorientin COX
Homoorientin (Isoorientin) is a potent inhibitor of COX-2 with an IC50 value of 39 μM.
M16623 Orientin 2''-O-rhamnoside Flavonoids
Orientin 2''-O-rhamnoside
M18103 Orientin-2''-O-p-trans-coumarate Others
M54861 Lutonarin Others
Isoorientin 7-O-glucoside
Lutonarin is a antioxidant agent that can be isolated from green barley leaves. Lutonarin (Isoorientin 7-O-glucoside) is a natural product found in aerial part of Silene jeniseensis.

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