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M4896 Nicotinamide Sirtuin
Vitamin B3; Nicotinic acid amide; Niacinamide
Nicotinamide is an active component of coenzymes NAD and NADP, and also act as an inhibitor of sirtuins. Nicotinamide plays essential roles in cell physiology through facilitating NAD+ redox homeostasis and providing NAD+ as a substrate to a class of enzymes that catalyze non-redox reactions.
M5713 Isoniazid Antibiotic
INH; Isonicotinic acid hydrazide; Isonicotinic hydrazide; Isonicotinylhydrazine
Isoniazid is a prodrug that blocks the action of fatty acid synthase by interacting with KatG , used for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.
M5812 Nicotinic Acid Vitamin
Niacin; Vitamin B3
Nicotinic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to the vitamin B family.
M5813 Nicotinic acid N-oxide Others
Nicotinic acid N-oxide is used to treat hyperlipoidemia.
M5862 Pasiniazid Antibiotic
Paraniazide; Pasiniazide; Isonicotinic acid hydrazide p-aminosalicylate
Pasiniazid is an anti-tuberculosis and anti-leprosy compound.
M9959 Nicotinic Acid Riboside Others
Nicotinic Acid Riboside (NAR) is a precursor for NAD metabolism in human cells.
M21598 Nicotinic acid mononucleotide Others
In the biosynthesis of NAD+, Nicotinic acid mononucleotide (NAMN) is formed from nicotinic acid (NA) by nicotinic phosphate ribosyltransferase. Nicotinate mononucleotide is the substrate of nicotinamide mononucleotide/nicotinic acid mononucleotide adenylyl transferase.
M39023 6-Aminonicotinic acid GABA Receptor
6-Aminonicotinic acid is a GABAA receptor agonist with Ki value of 4.4 nM.

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