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ZCL278 Structure
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Quality Control & Documentation
Biological Activity

ZCL278 is a selective Cdc42 GTPase inhibitor with Kd of 11.4 μM.

Product Citations
Customer Product Validations & Biological Datas
Source International Journal of Nanomedicine (2018). Figure 5. ZCL278 (Abmole Bioscience, Houston, TX, USA)
Method RNA interference
Cell Lines A549 cells
Incubation Time 24 h
Results These findings indicated that Cdc42 played a vital role in the uptake of oxMWCNTs in A549 cells, while Rac1 and RhoA might not be involved in this process.
Source ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (2017). Figure 9. ZCL 278 (Abmole BioScience. Houston, TX, USA)
Method Transwells
Cell Lines MDCK cells
Incubation Time
Results As shown in Figure 9, in the presence of ZCL 278, the transmembrane amount of PTX-NCs was reduced significantly, indicating that Cdc 42 participated in the regulation of the transport of PTX-NCs.
Chemical Information
Molecular Weight 584.89
Formula C21H19BrClN5O4S2
CAS Number 587841-73-4
Solubility (25°C) DMSO 70 mg/mL
Storage Powder          -20°C   3 years ;  4°C   2 years
In solvent       -80°C   6 months ;  -20°C   1 month
Conversion of different model animals based on BSA (PMID: 27057123)
Species Mouse Rat Rabbit Guinea pig Hamster Dog
Weight (kg) 0.02 0.15 1.8 0.4 0.08 10
Body Surface Area (m2) 0.007 0.025 0.15 0.05 0.02 0.5
Km factor 3 6 12 8 5 20
Animal A (mg/kg) = Animal B (mg/kg) multiplied by  Animal B Km
Animal A Km

For example, to modify the dose of Compound A used for a mouse (20 mg/kg) to a dose based on the BSA for a rat, multiply 20 mg/kg by the Km factor for a mouse and then divide by the Km factor for a rat. This calculation results in a rat equivalent dose for Compound A of 10 mg/kg.


[1] Natasha P Murphy, et al. Progress in the therapeutic inhibition of Cdc42 signalling

[2] Xiaoyan Li, et al. Intersectin-Cdc42 interaction is required for orderly meiosis in porcine oocytes

[3] Yi-Ying Chou, et al. Identification and Characterization of a Novel Broad-Spectrum Virus Entry Inhibitor

[4] Xiaona Liu, et al. Neuroglobin Plays a Protective Role in Arsenite-Induced Cytotoxicity by Inhibition of Cdc42 and Rac1GTPases in Rat Cerebellar Granule Neurons

[5] Amy Friesland, et al. Small molecule targeting Cdc42-intersectin interaction disrupts Golgi organization and suppresses cell motility

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