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M13985 Ursodeoxycholic acid sodium Ursodeoxycholic acid (Ursodeoxycholate) sodium is a secondary bile acid issued from the transformation of (cheno)deoxycholic acid by intestinal bacteria, acting as a key regulator of the intestinal barrier integrity and essential for lipid metabolism.
M13984 SB756050 SB756050 is a selective TGR5 agonist. SB756050 has the potential for type 2 diabetes treatment.
M11152 Deoxycholic acid sodium salt Deoxycholic acid sodium salt activates the G protein-coupled bile acid receptor TGR5.
M9727 SBI-115 SBI-115 is a TGR5 (GPCR19) antagonist, it decreases hepatic cystogenesis with polycystic liver diseases via inhibiting TGR5.
M7398 TC-SP 14 TC-SP 14 is a potent S1P1 receptor agonist.
M2588 TGR5 Receptor Agonist TGR5 Receptor Agonist is a potent TGR5(GPCR19) agonist which showed improved potency in the U2-OS cell assay (pEC50 = 6.8) and in melanophore cells (pEC50 = 7.5).

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