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M25118 Farletuzumab ecteribulin Drug-Linker Conjugates for ADC
Farletuzumab ecteribulin (MORAb-202) is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), consisting of the humanized anti-human folate receptor alpha (FRA) antibody Farletuzumab conjugated via reduced interchain disulfide bonds to Mal-PEG2-Val-Cit-PAB-eribulin. Farletuzumab ecteribulin has a drug-to-antibody ratio of 4.0. Farletuzumab ecteribulin is highly cytotoxic to FRA-positive cells in vitro. Farletuzumab ecteribulin has potent antitumor activity.
M25269 Farletuzumab Antibiotic
Farletuzumab (MORAb-003) is a potent folate receptor-alpha (FRα) inhibitor. Farletuzumab is a therapeutic humanized monoclonal antibody with high affinity for FRα. Farletuzumab possesses growth-inhibitory functions on cells overexpressing FRα. Farletuzumab can be used in research of cancer.

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