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M6589 CGP 60474 CGP60474 is a highly effective anti-endotoxin drug, It is an effective cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor (IC50 of CDK1/B, CDK2/E, CDK2/ A, CDK4/D, CDK5/ P25, CDK7/H and CDK9/T are 26, 3, 4, 216, 10, 200 and 13 nM, respectively). CGP60474 is a selective and ATP-competitive PKC inhibitor.
M21533 BI-0474 BI-0474 is a covalent KRASG12C inhibitor. The IC50 value for GDP-KRAS::SOS1 protein-protein interaction was 7.0 nM. BI-0474 also showed better antitumor activity in non-small cell lung cancer xenograft models.

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