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M13646 Guanine DNA/RNA Synthesis
Guanine is one of the fundamental components of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). Guanine is a purine derivative, consisting of a fused pyrimidine-imidazole ring system with conjugated double bonds.
M28795 SW203668  Others
SW203668 is a benzothiazole compound, shows anti-tumor activity against lung cancer cell lines (IC50=0.022-0.116 μM).
M40110 Fortuneine Others
Fortuneine is a homoerythrina alkaloid from Cephalotaxus fortunei.
M44951 N-Methylcolchicine Others
Micromarin F is synthesized from osthole. Micromarin F against Balanus albicostatus and Bugula neritina with EC50 values of 10.93 and 12.38 μM.
M52290 N-[(1, 1-Dimethylethoxy)carbonyl]-L-leucyl-L-leucine Amino Acid Derivatives
N-[(1,1-Dimethylethoxy)carbonyl]-L-leucyl-L-leucine is a leucine derivative.

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