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Cat. No. M10047
Dorzagliatin Structure

HMS5552; RO5305552; Sinogliatin

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Quality Control & Documentation
Biological Activity

Dorzagliatin (HMS-5552, RO-5305552, Sinogliatin) is a glucokinase (GK) activator, which improves glycaemic control and pancreatic β-cell function for type 2 diabetes.

Chemical Information
Molecular Weight 462.93
Formula C22H27ClN4O5
CAS Number 1191995-00-2
Solubility (25°C) DMSO 83 mg/mL
Storage Powder          -20°C   3 years ;  4°C   2 years
In solvent       -80°C   6 months ;  -20°C   1 month
Conversion of different model animals based on BSA (PMID: 27057123)
Species Mouse Rat Rabbit Guinea pig Hamster Dog
Weight (kg) 0.02 0.15 1.8 0.4 0.08 10
Body Surface Area (m2) 0.007 0.025 0.15 0.05 0.02 0.5
Km factor 3 6 12 8 5 20
Animal A (mg/kg) = Animal B (mg/kg) multiplied by  Animal B Km
Animal A Km

For example, to modify the dose of Compound A used for a mouse (20 mg/kg) to a dose based on the BSA for a rat, multiply 20 mg/kg by the Km factor for a mouse and then divide by the Km factor for a rat. This calculation results in a rat equivalent dose for Compound A of 10 mg/kg.


[1] Wei Li, et al. Pharmαzιe. Recent clinιcαl advances of glucoκinase activators in the treαtment of diabetes mellitus type 2

[2] Xiao-Xue Zhu, et al. Diabetes Obes Metab. Dorzagliatin (HMS5552), a novel dual-acting glucokinase activator, improves glycaemic control and pancreatic β-cell function in patients with type 2 diabetes: A 28-day treatment study using biomarker-guided patient selection

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