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Wee1 Wee1

Cat.No.  Name Information
M2143 Adavosertib (MK-1775) Adavosertib (AZD1775, MK-1775) is a small pyrazolacil derivative, an effective ATP competitive specific inhibitor of WEE1 kinase, with IC50 of 5.2 nM. It can inhibit G2 phase DNA damage test sites.
M13388 RP-6306 RP-6306 (Lunresertib) is the first-in-class, highly potent and selective PKMYT1 inhibitor that preferentially kills tumor cells overexpressing CCNE1 and was shown to inhibit the growth of a broad range of CCNE1-amplified tumors in xenograft/PDX preclinical models, both as a single agent and in combination therapy settings.
M11346 ZN-c3 ZN-c3 is a potentially first-in-class and best-in-class orally active, potent and selective Wee1 inhibitor (IC50=3.9 nM). zN-c3 can be used in cancer research.
M49836 WEE1-IN-5  WEE1-IN-5 is a potent WEE1 inhibitor with an IC50 value of 0.8 nM. WEE1-IN-5 inhibits phospho-CDC2. WEE1-IN-5 abrogates the G2 check point, increasing sensitivity to DNA damaging agents in cancer cells.
M30385 WEE1-IN-4  WEE1-IN-4 is a potent checkpoint Wee1 kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.011 μM.
M29618 Pomalidomide-C3-adavosertib  Pomalidomide-C3-adavosertib is a rapid and selective Wee1 degrader (IC50=3.58 nM). Pomalidomide-C3-adavosertib shows anti-cancer cell proliferation activity, and induces apoptosis.
M29267 PD0166285 dihydrochloride  PD0166285 dihydrochloride, a substrate of P-gp, is a WEE1 inhibitor and a weak Myt1 inhibitor with IC50 values of 24 and 72 nM, respectively. PD0166285 dihydrochloride exhibits an IC50 of 3.433 μM for Chk1.

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