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DYRK Dual specificity tyrosine regulated kinase


Cat.No.  Name Information
M27658 GSK-626616  GSK-626616 is a potent, orally bioavailable inhibitor of DYRK3 (IC50=0.7 nM). GSK-626616 inhibits other members of the DYRK family (e.g., DYRK1A and DYRK2) with similar potency, which is a potential therapy for the treatment of anemia.
M21230 GNF2133 GNF2133 is a potent, selective, orally active DYRK1A inhibitor with IC50s of 0.0062 and >50 µM for DYRK1A and GSK3β, respectively. GNF2133 has potential for the study of type 1 diabetes.
M14889 GNF4877 GNF4877 is a potent DYRK1A and GSK3β inhibitor with IC50s of 6 nM and 16 nM, respectively, which leads to blockade of nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFATc) nuclear export and increased β-cell proliferation (EC50 of 0.66 μM for mouse β (R7T1) cells).
M9537 Protein kinase inhibitors 1 Protein kinase inhibitors 1 is a novel inhibitor of HIPK2 with an IC50 of 74 nM and Kd of 9.5 nM.
M6787 Harmine Harmine is a potent and selective DYRK1A inhibitor.
M4741 Harmine-hydrochloride Harmine Hydrochloride (Telepathine Hydrochloride) is a DYRK inhibitor with anticancer and anti-inflammatory activities. Harmine Hydrochloride has a high affinity for 5-HT2A serotonin receptor, with a Ki value of 397 nM.
M2765 ID-8 Id-8 is a DYRK inhibitor that maintains the self-renewal of embryonic stem cells in long-term culture.
M50425 Woodtide Woodtide is a substrate for the DYRK (DYRK) family of kinases whose sequence is based on that around the DYRK phosphorylation site in FKHR.
M39844 Aristolactam A IIIa Aristolactam A IIIa (Sch 546909) is a DYRK1A Inhibitor. Aristolactam A IIIa inhibits platelet aggregation induced by arachidonic acid (AA), collagen and platelet-activating factor (PAF). Aristolactam A IIIa has strong cytotoxic effect on HeLa cells.
M28808 Dyrk1A-IN-5  Dyrk1A-IN-5 (compound 5j) is a potent and selective DYRK1A inhibitor, with an IC50 of 6 nM. Dyrk1A-IN-5 dose-dependently reduces the phosphorylation of Thr434 in SF3B1, with an IC50 of 0.5 μM. Dyrk1A-IN-5 inhibits phosphorylation of tau at Thr212, with an IC50 of 2.1 μM. Dyrk1A-IN-5 can be used for Down syndrome research.

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