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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

Cathepsin Cathepsin


Cat.No.  Name Information
M6236 CA-074 Me CA-074 Me is a membrane-permeable derivative of CA-074 and acts as an irreversible cathepsin B inhibitor.
M5288 UK-371804 UK-371804 is a potent and selective urokinase-type plasmogen activator (uPA) inhibitor with excellent enzyme potency (Ki=10 nM) and selectivity profile (4000-fold versus tPA and 2700-fold versus plasmin).
M3636 Leupeptin hemisulfate Leupeptin hemisulfate is a reversible inhibitor of trypsin-like and cysteine proteases such as calpain.
M2600 Balicatib Balicatib is a potent and selective inhibitor of cathepsin K; 10-100-fold more potent in cell-based enzyme occupancy assays than against cathepsin B, L, and S.
M2376 Aloxistatin Aloxistatin is an irreversible and membrane-permeable cysteine protease inhibitor.
M1985 Odanacatib Odanacatib (MK-0822) is an inhibitor of cathepsin K, an enzyme involved in bone resorption.

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