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M1992 2-Methoxyestradiol 2-Methoxyestradiol (2ME2) is a natural metabolite of estradiol acts via an estrogen receptor-independent mechanism.
M2683 Estradiol Benzoate Estradiol benzoate is an estradiol analog which binds to the human, murine and chicken ERα with IC50 of 22-28 nM.
M2684 Estradiol Cypionate Estradiol cypionate is the 17 β-cyclopentylpropinate ester of estradiol, which inhibits ET-1 synthesis via estrogen receptor.
M2685 Estradiol valerate Estradiol is a synthetic ester used to treat menopausal symptoms and hormone deficiencies.
M3392 Ethinyl Estradiol Ethinyl Estradiol is an orally bio-active estrogen used in almost all modern formulations of combined oral contraceptive pills.
M3579 Mestranol Mestranol is the 3-methyl ether of ethinylestradiol. It was the estrogen used in many of the first oral contraceptives.
M5625 Estradiol Estradiol (17β-estradiol) is a human sex hormone and steroid, and the primary female sex hormone.
M6069 β-Estradiol 17-acetate β-Estradiol 17-acetate is a metabolite of estradiol.
M6115 Drostanolone Propionate Drostanolone propionate can reduce the uptake of oestradiol-17B by tumour cells
M7784 16-Epiestriol 16-Epiestriol is an estradiol metabolite that exhibits significant anti-inflammatory activity without glycogenic activity.
M7786 17-Epiestriol 17-epiestriol is an estradiol metabolite and a selective estrogen receptor (ER) beta agonist.
M10555 17α-Estradiol 17 alpha-Estradiol is a 5α-reductase inhibitor, and it inhibits testosterone metabolism catalyzed by 5 alpha-reductase.

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