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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

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Cat.No.  Name Information
M8990 LB-100 LB-100 is a water soluble protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) inhibitor, with IC50 of 0.85 μM and 3.87 μM in BxPc-3 and Panc-1 cells.
M8984 Denosumab Denosumab is designed to target RANKL (RANK ligand), a protein that acts as the primary signal to promote bone removal/resorption.
M8983 Compstatin Compstatinis is a 13-residue cyclic peptide, binds to complement component C3 and inhibits complement activation with IC50 of 12 μM.
M8982 Azaserine Azaserine is an inhibitor of the rate limiting step of the hexosamine biosynthethic pathway (HBP) and an irreversible inhibitor of GGT1 (gamma-Glutamyltranspeptidase).
M8979 TM6008 TM6008 is a novel PHD inhibitor, which inhibited PHD and stabilized HIF activity in vitro.
M8976 ASP9521 ASP9521 is a novel, selective, orally bioavailable inhibitor of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 5 (17βHSD5; AKR1C3).
M8974 ALW-II-41-27 ALW-II-41-27 is a Eph receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 11 nM for EPHA2.
M8968 FPS-ZM1 FPS-ZM1 is a high-affinity RAGE-specific blocker that inhibits amyloid-β binding to RAGE with a Ki of 25 nM.
M8965 2,6-Diaminopurine 2,6-Diaminopurine is a compound used to treat leukemia.
M8964 Thymidine Thymidine is a pyrimidine nucleoside that is composed of the pyrimidine base thymine attached to the sugar deoxyribose.
M8960 LY2334737 LY2334737 is an orally available valproic acid ester of gemcitabine, a broad-spectrum antimetabolite with antineoplastic activity.
M8948 TUG-891 TUG-891 is a potent and selective agonist of the free fatty acid receptor 4 (FFA4/GPR120).
M8943 GSK2981278 GSK2981278 is a highly potent and selective inverse agonist of retinoic acid receptor-related orphan receptor gamma (ROR gamma).
M8935 EXP-3174 EXP-3174 is a potent AT1 antagonist with Kis of 0.57 and 0.67 nM for rat and human forms, respectively.
M8929 NAV-2729 NAV-2729 is a selective ARF6 inhibitor with IC50 value of 1.0 μM.
M8922 Brevianamide F Brevianamide F belongs to a class of naturally occurring 2,5-diketopiperazines.
M8913 Telotristat ethyl Telotristat ethyl, also known as LX1606, is an oral serotonin synthesis inhibitor or peripheral tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH) inhibitor.
M8912 ML-18 ML18 is Bombesin receptor subtype 3 (BRS-3) antagonist (IC50 = 4.8 μM).
M8907 Acecainide HCl Acecainide HCl, also known as N-acetylprocainamide and ASL 601, is the N-acetylated metabolite of procainamide.
M8906 Sematilide hydrochloride Sematilide (CK-1752) hydrochloride is a novel class III antiarrhythmic agent.
M8905 EBE-A22 EBE-A22 is a derivative of PD 153035, has no effect on EGF-R TK but maintains a high cytotoxic profile.
M8904 NIH-12848 NIH-12848 is a putative phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase γ (PI5P4Kγ) inhibitor.
M8901 CHS-828 CHS-828 (GMX1778) is a potent and specific inhibitor of NAMPT with IC50 and Kd value of <25 nM and 120 nM, respectively.
M8898 APY0201 APY0201 is a potent and selective IL-12/23 inhibitor.
M8896 MDK36122 MDK36122, also known as H-PGDS Inhibitor I, is a Prostaglandin D Synthase (hematopoietic-type) Inhibitor with an IC50 Value of 0.7 nM.
M8894 GJ-103 GJ-103 is an active analog of the read-through compound GJ072.
M8893 Miriplatin Miriplatin is a chemotherapy agent which belongs to the class of alkylating agents.
M8892 Coluracetam Coluracetam (MKC-231) is a new choline uptake enhancer.
M8891 AI-1 AI-1 is a negative regulator of Nrf2.
M8890 Forchlorfenuron Forchlorfenuron is a synthetic cytokinin that inhibits septins and exhibits anti-parasitic, anticancer, and anti-angiogenic activities.
M8889 6-Methoxy-2-naphthoic acid 6-Methoxy-2-naphthoic acid is an NMDA receptor modulator.
M8884 Febantel Febantel is a veteran anthelmintic (wormer) compound belonging to the chemical class of the benzimidazoles.
M8883 Ceforanide Ceforanide is a new cephalosporin with antibacterial activity and has a longer elimination half-life than any currently available cephalosporin.
M8878 Inositol Nicotinate Inositol Nicotinate is a formulation of niacin, which is also called vitamin B3, an essential human nutrient.
M8875 ND-630 ND-630 is an ACC inhibitor of human ACC1 and ACC2 with IC50 values of 2.1 and 6.1 nM, respectively.
M8873 D-Luciferin potassium salt D-Luciferin potassium salt is the substrate of luciferases that catalyze the production of light in bioluminescent insects.
M8872 ZD 7114 hydrochloride ZD 7114 is a selective β3 adrenergic receptor agonist.
M8870 Zopolrestat Zopolrestat is an inhibitor of Aldose Reductase.
M8869 Zinterol hydrochloride Zinterol Hydrochloride is a β2 adrenergic receptor selective agonist.
M8868 Zerumbone Zerumbone is a TRAIL-induced apoptosis potentiator.
M8867 Zaragozic acid A trisodium salt Potent inhibitor, in vivo and in vitro, of mammalian, fungal and Saccharomyces cervisiae squalene synthase.
M8866 Zonisamide sodium salt Zonisamide sodium salt is an anti-epileptic.
M8865 Zimelidine dihydrochloride Serotonin transport blocker; antidepressant.
M8864 Zotepine Zotepine is an atypical antipsychotic.
M8863 YM 976 Phosphodiesterase type IV (PDE4) inhibitor.
M8862 YH439 YH439 is an aryl hydrocarbon receptor activator.
M8861 Xaliproden hydrochloride 5-HT1A serotonin receptor agonist; neuroprotectant.
M8860 X80 X80 is an inhibitor of xeroderma pigmentosum group A protein (XPA protein) required for the removal of all types of DNA lesions repaired by nucleotide excision repair Including both transcription coupled and global genomic nucleotide excision repair.
M8859 Xestospongin C Xestospongin C is a selective, reversible and membrane-permeable inhibitor of IP3 receptor.
M8858 XE-991 XE-991 is a KCNQ channel blocker; which is more potent than linopiridine.

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