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Chloride Channel Chloride Channel


Cat.No.  Name Information
M14209 Picrotoxinin Picrotoxinin, a potent convulsant, is a chloride channel blocker. Picrotoxinin is a noncompetitive GABAA receptor antagonist, which negatively modulates the action of GABA on GABAA receptors.
M14208 Endovion Endovion (NS3728) is a pharmacological anion channel inhibitor (like chloride channel) and the specific VRAC/VSOAC blocker. Endovion (NS3728) is also an Anoctamin-1 (ANO 1) channel inhibitor.
M14207 Chlorotoxin TFA Chlorotoxin TFA is a peptide isolated from the venom of the scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus, acts as a chloride channel blocker. Anti-cancer activity.
M11196 R(+)-IAA-94 R(+)-IAA-94 (R(+)-Methylindazone) is an effective chloride channel blocker. R(+)-IAA-94 inhibits Nef-sdAb19 interaction and binds to Nef.
M6554 CaCCinh-A01 CaCCinh-A01 is a calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) inhibitor.

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