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Cat. No. M2314
TW-37 Structure
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Biological Activity

TW-37 is a Bcl-2 protein family inhibitor with a Ki of 0.29 μM. TW-37 binds to the BH3 binding groove in Bcl-2 protein competing with BH3 peptides derived from Bid, Bim, and Bad proteins. TW-37 binds to Bcl-2 with a Ki value of 290 nM and also to Bcl-xL and Mcl-1 with high affinities. TW-37 potently inhibits cell growth in PC-3 prostate cancer cells with an IC50 value of 200 nM and effectively induces apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner. TW-37 has an IC50 of 1.1 μM for primary human endothelial cells and averaged 0.3 μM for head and neck cancer cells (OSCC3, UM-SCC-1, and UMSCC-74A).

Conversion of different model animals based on BSA (Value based on data from FDA Draft Guidelines)
Species Mouse Rat Rabbit Guinea pig Hamster Dog
Weight (kg) 0.02 0.15 1.8 0.4 0.08 10
Body Surface Area (m2) 0.007 0.025 0.15 0.05 0.02 0.5
Km factor 3 6 12 8 5 20
Animal A (mg/kg) = Animal B (mg/kg) multiplied by  Animal B Km
Animal A Km

For example, to modify the dose of resveratrol used for a mouse (22.4 mg/kg) to a dose based on the BSA for a rat, multiply 22.4 mg/kg by the Km factor for a mouse and then divide by the Km factor for a rat. This calculation results in a rat equivalent dose for resveratrol of 11.2 mg/kg.

Chemical Information
Molecular Weight 573.7
Formula C33H35NO6S
CAS Number 877877-35-5
Purity >98%
Solubility DMSO: ≥ 100 mg/mL
Storage at -20°C

Preclinical studies of TW-37, a new nonpeptidic small-molecule inhibitor of Bcl-2, in diffuse large cell lymphoma xenograft model reveal drug action on both Bcl-2 and Mcl-1.
Mohammad RM, et al. Clin Cancer Res. 2007 Apr 1;13(7):2226-35. PMID: 17404107.

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