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Cat. No. M5227
AZD3293 Structure


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  • Purity >98%
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Biological Activity

In vitro: AZD3293 is a potent, highly permeable, orally active, blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetrating, BACE1 inhibitor with unique slow off-rate kinetics. When the potency of AZD3293 with respect to secretion of Aβ40 and sAβPPβ is studied in a range of cellular models, the compound displays pM potency in primary neuron cultures from mice and guinea pigs and in SH-SY5Y cells over-expressing AβPP (IC50 = 610 pM, 310 pM, and 80 pM, respectively). AZD3293 is also tested in a panel of more than 350 in vitro radioligand binding and enzyme activity assays, covering a diverse range of receptors, ion channels, transporters, kinases, and enzymes, up to a concentration of 10μM of AZD3293. A few significant responses are observed, but these had at least a 1,000-fold selectivity against BACE1, thus indicating specificity to BACE1. The off-rate of AZD3293 has an estimated t1/2 of approximately 9 h In vivo: In vivo in mice, guinea pigs, and dogs, AZD3293 displays significant dose- and time-dependent reductions in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain concentrations of Aβ40, Aβ42, and sAβPPβ. In the dog PK study, the bioavailability of AZD3293 is determined to be 80% (F = 0.8). The preclinical data strongly support the clinical development of AZD3293, and patients with AD are currently being recruited into a combined Phase 2/3 study to test the disease-modifying properties of AZD3293

Cell Experiment
Cell lines SH-SY5Y, SH-SY5Y overexpressing wild type AβPP, HEK293 cells overexpressing AβPP with the Swedish mutation (K595N/M596L), N2A cells, and primary cortical neurons isolated from fetal C57BL/6 mice (E16) or Dunkin-Hartley guinea pigs (E25-27)
Preparation method The cells are incubated with different AZD3293 concentrations for 5 to 16 h, and the release of sAβPPβ, Aβ1-40, Aβ1-42, or sAβPPα into the medium is analyzed using specific commercial ELISA or kits from Meso Scale Discovery.
Incubation time 5 to 16 h
Animal Experiment
Animal models C57BL/6 mice
Formulation 5% dimethylacetamide in 0.3 M gluconic acid, pH 3
Dosages 50, 100, or 200μmol/kg
Administration oral administration
Conversion of different model animals based on BSA (Value based on data from FDA Draft Guidelines)
Species Mouse Rat Rabbit Guinea pig Hamster Dog
Weight (kg) 0.02 0.15 1.8 0.4 0.08 10
Body Surface Area (m2) 0.007 0.025 0.15 0.05 0.02 0.5
Km factor 3 6 12 8 5 20
Animal A (mg/kg) = Animal B (mg/kg) multiplied by  Animal B Km
Animal A Km

For example, to modify the dose of resveratrol used for a mouse (22.4 mg/kg) to a dose based on the BSA for a rat, multiply 22.4 mg/kg by the Km factor for a mouse and then divide by the Km factor for a rat. This calculation results in a rat equivalent dose for resveratrol of 11.2 mg/kg.

Chemical Information
Molecular Weight 412.53
Formula C26H28N4O
CAS Number 1383982-64-6
Purity >98%
Solubility 82 mg/mL in DMSO
Storage at -20°C

AZD3293: Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Effects in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Alzheimer's Disease.
Cebers G, et al. J Alzheimers Dis. 2017;55(3):1039-1053. PMID: 27767991.

AZD3293: A Novel, Orally Active BACE1 Inhibitor with High Potency and Permeability and Markedly Slow Off-Rate Kinetics.
Eketjäll S, et al. J Alzheimers Dis. 2016;50(4):1109-23. PMID: 26890753.

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