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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

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Cat.No.  Name Information
M9574 Ginkgetin Ginkgetin is a natural biflavonoid isolated from leaves of Ginkgo biloba L. with effects of anti-inflammation and anticancer activity.
M9551 Coixol Coixol is a natural product extracted from Coix Lachryma-Jobi var. ma-yuen.
M9314 Brassinolide Brassinolide is a plant steroid that promotes cell elongation and cell devision and thus regulates plant growth and development.
M6113 Hastatoside Hastatoside is isolated from Verbena species and exhibits various biological activities including sleep-promoting.
M5388 Ademetionine Ademetionine(S-adenosyl-l-methionine; SAMe) is a naturally-occurring substance which is a major source of methyl groups in the brain.
M5373 6-Aminocaproic acid 6-Aminocaproic acid is a derivative and analogue of the amino acid lysine.
M5173 8-Prenylnaringenin 8-Prenylnaringenin
M5172 6-Prenylnaringenin 6-prenylnaringenin
M5020 Digitonin Digitonin is a glycoside obtained from Digitalis purpurea, which could increase cell permeability by binding to cholesterol molecules and reduce tumor growth.
M5003 Kaempferol 3-neohesperidoside Three flavonoids were isolated from the leaf MeOH extracts of Primula latifolia Lapeyr.
M4991 Dihydroartemisinin Dihydroartemisinin, a derivative of artemisinin with the C-10 lactone group replaced by hemiacetal and the active metabolite of all artemisinin compounds.
M4987 Procyanidin B4 A series of dimeric procyanidins (1-9) and some related polyphenols (10-15) were chosen as model compounds in a comparative investigation for various biological activities in order to obtain structure-activity relationships.
M4770 Berberrubine Berberrubine
M4753 4-Hydroxyisoleucine 4-Hydroxyisoleucine: a plant-derived treatment for metabolic syndrome.
M4748 Pectolinarigenin Pectolinarigenin is a dual inhibitor of COX-2/5-LOX with anti-inflammatory activity.
M4720 Plantamajoside Plantamajoside is a hydroxycinnamic acid, which used as a biomarker in chemotaxonomical studies.
M4715 Isoforskolin Isoforskolin
M4690 2-O-galloylhyperin 2-O-galloylhyperin
M4688 Momordin-Ic Momordin-Ic
M4687 Secoisolariciresinol-Diglucoside Secoisolariciresinol-Diglucoside
M4671 Orcinol-glucosid Orcinol-glucosid
M4665 Sarsasapogenin Sarsasapogenin
M4657 Eriocitrin Eriocitrin
M4608 Swertiamarin Swertiamarin
M4581 Dihydrocurcumin Dihydrocurcumin
M4577 Segetalin-B Segetalin-B
M4574 Wedelolactone Wedelolactone
M4553 Tangeretin Tangeretin is a flavonoid from citrus fruit peels, and is also selected as a Notch-1 inhibitor, which plays an important role in anti-inflammatory responses and neuroprotective effects in several disease models.
M4511 Tectorigenin Tectorigenin is a plant isoflavonoid originally isolated from the dried flower of Pueraria thomsonii Benth.
M4489 Brazilin Brazilin
M4488 Praeruptorin-C Praeruptorin C has been widely used as an antioxidant and a calcium antagonist
M4484 Deapio-platycodin-D Deapio-platycodin-D is extracted from Platycodon grandiforus.
M4466 Euhorbiasteroid Euhorbiasteroid
M4461 Oroxin-A Oroxin-A is extracted from Oroxylum indicum.
M4459 Oroxyloside Oroxyloside
M4440 Hedera-saponin-B Hedera-saponin-B
M4438 Ciwujianoside-B Ciwujianoside-B
M4398 Dimethylfraxetin Dimethylfraxetin is a Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, with a Ki value of 0.0097 μM.
M4397 Fraxin Fraxin is a glucoside of fraxetin, an O-methylated coumarin. Fraxin was administered orally to rats to investigate its metabolism.
M4395 Chrysin-7-O-glucoronide Chrysin-7-O-glucoronide
M4365 Protodioscin Protodioscin
M4329 Eupalinilide-D Eupalinilide-D
M4327 Eupalinilide-B Eupalinilide-B
M4295 Tenacissoside-X Tenacissoside-X
M4271 Delavinone Delavinone
M4270 3-Dehydroverticine 3-Dehydroverticine
M4269 Ebeiedinone Ebeiedinone
M4268 Yubeinine Yubeinine
M4259 β-chamigrenic-acid β-chamigrenic-acid
M4254 (+)Gomisin-M2 (+)Gomisin-M2

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