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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

GABA Receptor GABA Receptor


Cat.No.  Name Information
M5575 Dihydroergotoxine mesylate Dihydroergotoxine mesylate is a complex of closely related alkaloid salts; Binds with high affinity to the GABAA receptor Cl- channel, producing an allosteric interaction with the benzodiazepine site.
M5442 Baclofen Baclofen is a gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) derivative used as a skeletal muscle relaxant.
M5420 Armodafinil Armodafinil is the R-enantiomer of the racemic synthetic agent modafinil with central nervous system (CNS) stimulant and wakefulness-promoting activities
M5390 Afloqualone Afloqualone is a agonist of GABA receptor .
M5378 Acamprosate calcium Acamprosate calcium (Campral EC) is a GABA receptor agonist and glutamate system modulator.
M3981 Bilobalide Bilobalide, a natural product extracted from Ginkgo biloba leaf, is known to exhibit a number of pharmacological activities.
M3968 Dihydromyricetin Dihydromyricetin is a natural antioxidant flavonoid from Ampelopsis grossedentata.
M3600 Gabapentin Gabapentin is a pharmaceutical agent, specifically a GABA analogue.
M3344 Nefiracetam Nefiracetam is a GABAergic, cholinergic, and monoaminergic neuronal systems enhancer for Ro 5-4864-induced convulsions.
M3167 Picrotoxinin Picrotoxinin is a GABAA receptor antagonist that binds to the GABA receptor-linked Cl channel.
M2555 AWD 131-138 AWD 131-138 is a new low-affinity partial benzodiazepine receptor agonist with potent anticonvulsant and anxiolytic properties in rodent models.
M2347 (+)-Bicuculline (+)-Bicuculline is a competitive antagonist of GABAA receptors with IC50 of 2 μM, also blocks Ca(2+)-activated potassium channels.
M2005 (R)-Baclofen (R)-baclofen is a selective gamma-aminobutyric acid(B) agonist.
M1893 Etomidate Etomidate (marketed as Amidate) is a general anesthetic with GABA modulatory and GABA-mimetic actions.
M1891 SKF 89976A hydrochloride SKF 89976A hydrochloride is a potent GABA uptake inhibitor, selective for GAT-1.

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