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M1649 Apixaban Apixaban is a highly selective, reversible and direct factor Xa inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.22±0.02 µM.
M1678 BI 6727 BI 6727 (Volasertib) is a small highly potent Polo-like kinase inhibitor (Plk1) with an IC50 of 0.87 nM.
M1679 BIIB021 BIIB021 (CNF2024) is an orally available synthetic non-ansamycin Hsp90 inhibitor with ki value of 1.7nM.
M1691 CCT-129202 CCT129202 is an Aurora kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 0.042 ± 0.022, 0.198 ± 0.05, and 0.227 ± 0.064 μmol/L for Aurora A, Aurora B, and Aurora C, respectively.
M1716 Gemcitabine Hydrochloride Gemcitabine (Gemzar, LY188011) inhibits DNA synthesis with an IC50 of 0.06 µM.
M1727 GDC-0980 GDC-0980 (RG7422) is a potent, highly selective, oral, dual inhibitor of class I PI3K and mTOR.
M1750 TAK-733 TAK-733 is a potent and selective MEK allosteric site inhibitor with IC50 of 3.2nM for the treatment of cancer.
M1754 WP1130 WP1130 is a small molecular deubiquitinase (DUB) inhibitor and suppresses JAK-Stat signaling pathway.
M1758 Foretinib Foretinib (XL880, GSK1363089) is a multi-targeted inhibitor of c-Met and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2) with IC50 value of 0.4 nM for c-MET.
M1760 Palomid 529 Palomid 529 (P529) is a novel potent PI3K/Akt/mTOR inhibitor and shows a potent antiproliferative activity in the NCI-60 cell lines panel, with growth inhibitory 50 (GI50) <35 μM.
M1763 PD-0325901 PD-0325901 is a highly potent and selective MEK inhibitor with an IC50 in C26 cells of 0.33nM.
M1774 PLX-4720 PLX-4720 is a selective BRAFV600E inhibitor with the IC50 values of 160 nM and 130 nM for B-Raf and BRK respectively.
M1775 Tubastatin A hydrochloride Tubastatin A is a potent and selective HDAC6 inhibitor with IC50 values of 15 nM.
M1782 NSC 74859 NSC 74859 (S3I-201) is a STAT3 inhibitor and is effective in hepatocellular cancers with disrupted TGF-beta signaling.
M1789 GSK690693 GSK690693 is a potent Akt inhibitor (Akt1 IC50 = 2 nM, Akt2 IC50 = 13 nM, Akt3 IC50 = 9 nM) which also inhibited the phosphorylation of the downstream target GSK3b in cells.
M1793 JNJ-38877605 JNJ-38877605 is a small-molecule, ATP-competitive inhibitor of the catalytic activity of c-Met with an IC50 of 4 nM.
M1795 TGX-221 TGX-221 is a potent and specific cell permeable inhibitor of Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) p110β(IC50 = 10nM).
M1825 PCI-32765 PCI-32765 (Ibrutinib) is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable irreversible inhibitor of BTK with IC50 value of 0.46 nM.
M1831 Cyclosporine A Cyclosporine A is a powerful immunosuppressive agent that inhibits the T-cell receptor signal transduction pathway.
M1833 Imidaclopride Imidaclopride is a systemic insecticide which acts as an insect neurotoxin and belongs to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoids.
M1939 Sulfadimethoxine Sulfadimethoxine (trade name Di-Methox, Albon) is a sulfonamide antibiotic.
M1959 Oseltamivir Oseltamivir is a potent and selective inhibitor of influenza virus neuraminidase enzyme.
M1965 Celecoxib Celecoxib is a selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor (IC50 values are 15 and 0.04 μM for COX-1 and COX-2 respectively).
M1967 Sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate Sitagliptin phosphate (MK-0431) is a potent inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) with IC50 of 19 nM.
M2038 Rosiglitazone maleate Rosiglitazone maleate (Avandia) is a potent and selective PPARγ ligand that binds to the PPARγ ligand-binding domain with a Kd value of 43 nM.
M2049 Metformin hydrochloride Metformin hydrochloride (Glucophage) is an oral antidiabetic agent.
M2089 Irinotecan Hydrochloride Trihydrate Irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate is a potent inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I.
M2139 Mycophenolate Mofetil Mycophenolate mofetil is an inhibitor of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH).
M2227 Imiquimod Imiquimod (R837), an imidazoquinoline amine analog to guanosine, is an immune response modifier with potent indirect antiviral activity.
M2286 Sildenafil citrate Sildenafil citrate is an agent used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).
M2343 AM-2201 AM-2201 is a potent synthetic cannabinoid (CB) with Ki values of 1.0 and 2.6 nM for the CB1 and CB2 receptors, respectively.
M2346 Filgotinib Filgotinib (GLPG0634) is the first selective inhibitor of JAK1 and JAK2 with IC50 of 10nM and 28nM respectively.
M2652 Doxycycline hydrochloride Doxycycline hydrochloride is a tetracycline antibiotic that commonly used to treat a variety of infections and MMP inhibitor.
M2682 Esmolol hydrochloride Esmolol is a cardioselective b-blocker, used to control rapid heartbeats or abnormal heart rhythms.
M2900 Ornidazole Ornidazole is a 5-nitroimidazole derivative with antiprotozoal and antibacterial properties against anaerobic bacteria.
M3309 Bethanechol chloride Bethanechol chloride is a selective muscarinic receptor agonist without any effect on nicotinic receptors.
M3358 Procainamide hydrochloride Procainamide hydrochloride is a sodium channel blocker, and also a DNA methyltransferase inhibitor.
M3671 Cyclophosphamide monohydrate Cyclophosphamide monohydrate is a nitrogen mustard alkylating agent, it attaches the alkyl group to the guanine base of DNA.
M3692 Chlorotrianisene Chlorotrianisene is a therapeutic estrogen which inhibits bone loss and delay the atrophy of uterus.
Pralidoxime Iodide (CAS 94-63-3)

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