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Abmole Inhibitor Catalog 2017

RAR/RXR Retinoic acid receptor/Retinoid X receptor


Cat.No.  Name Information
M10507 WYC-209 WYC-209 is a novel inhibitor of tumor-repopulating cells (trcs), inducing trc apoptosis primarily via the caspase 3 pathway.
M9104 HX 531 HX 531 is a potent antagonist of retinoid X receptors (IC50 = 18 nM).
M8764 MM11253 MM11253 (SR11253) is a high-affinity RARγ-selective retinoid acid (RA) receptor antagonist (IC50 = 44 nM against ATRA for binding RARγ; IC50 =1 μM in case of RARα, RARβ, RXRα).
M7719 CD437 CD437 is a retinoic acid receptor (RAR)γ-selective agonist, γ-selective retinoid; potent inducer of apoptosis.
M6155 AR7 AR7 is a retinoic acid receptor α (RARα) antagonist, it specifically activates chaperone-mediated-autophagy (CMA) activity without affecting macroautophagy.
M5455 Bexarotene Bexarotene (LGD1069) is a retinoid specifically selective for retinoid X receptors, used as an oral antineoplastic agent in the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
M3973 Tazarotene Tazarotene (AGN 190168) is a new member of the acetylenic class of RARβ/γ selective retinoids which is approved to treat a variety of skin diseases, exhibits an anti-proliferative effect in human basal cell carcinoma (BCC) by triggering caspase-dependent apoptosis.
M3150 Fenretinide Fenretinide (4-HPR) is a synthetic retinoid deriverative. Fenretinide is shown to exhibit binding to the retinoic acid receptors (RAR) at concentrations necessary to induce cell death.
M3094 TTNPB TTNPB (Arotinoid Acid) is a potent RAR agonist, and inhibits binding of [3H]tRA with IC50 of 5.1 nM, 4.5 nM, and 9.3 nM for human RARα, β, and γ, respectively.
M2241 Adapalene Adapalene is a third-generation topical retinoid, it is a potent RAR agonist, with AC50 values of 2.3 nM, 9.3 nM, and 22 nM for RARβ, RARγ, RARα, respectively. Adapalene also inhibits the enzymatic activity of GOT1 in a non-competitive manner.

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