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IL Receptor/Related Interleukin Receptor/Related


Cat.No.  Name Information
M21444 GP130 receptor agonist-1 GP130 receptor agonist-1 is a potent, brain-penetrant and orally active GP130 receptor agonist. GP130 receptor agonist-1 has a neuroprotective effect on NMDA-induced neurotoxicity.
M21047 Diethyl phosphate Diethyl phosphate (DEP, DPF, Diethyl phosphoric acid, diethyl hydrogen phosphate), a non-specific metabolite of organophosphorus pesticides in the gut environment, significantly enriches opportunistic pathogens leading to a decrease in interleukin-6 (IL-6).

M21039 JH-X-119-01 JH-X-119-01 is a highly potent and selective covalent inhibitor of IRAK1 with IC50 of 9 nM.
M20846 Hydrocortisone sodium succinate Hydrocortisone sodium succinate (Hydrocortisone 21-hemisuccinate sodium salt) has significant inhibitory effects on the IL-6 bioactivity with IC50 of 6.7 μM. Hydrocortisone sodium succinate can bind to glucocorticoid receptor, initiating the transcription of anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive mediators.
M20807 IRAK4-IN-1 IRAK4-IN-1 is an interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase 4 (IRAK4) inhibitor with IC50 of 7 nM.
M20764 HS-243 HS-243 is a highly potent interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase (IRAK) inhibitor with IC50 of 24 nM, 20 nM and 0.5 μM for IRAK-1, IRAK-4 and TAK1, respectively.
M20724 RCM-1 RCM-1 is a nontoxic inhibitor of Forkhead box M1 (FOXM1) that suppresses goblet cell metaplasia and prevents IL-13 and STAT6 signaling in allergen-exposed mice. RCM-1 decreases carcinogenesis and nuclear β-catenin.
M20712 SU 5201 SU 5201 (NSC 247030) is an interleukin-2 (IL-2) inhibitor.
M20680 IRAK inhibitor 6 IRAK inhibitor 6 is a selective Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4(IRAK4) inhibitor with IC50 of 0.16 μM.
M20658 Anthraquinone-2-carboxylic Acid Anthraquinone-2-carboxylic acid acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive component in vivo, thus contributing to the immune regulatory role of fruits and herbs.
M20328 WAY-350471 WAY-350471 is a IRAK inhibitor.
M20294 WAY-644841 WAY-644841 has inhibition of AR dimerization
M14090 β-Anhydroicaritin β-Anhydroicaritin is isolated from Boswellia carterii Birdware, has important biological and pharmacological effects, such as antiosteoporosis, estrogen regulation and antitumor properties.
M10559 Tyrphostin A1 Tyrphostin A1 is a weaker EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Tyrphostin A1 inhibits CD40L-stimulated IL-12 production in macrophage cultures and antigen-induced generation of Th1 cells.
M10159 Kaempferol 3-O-β-D-glucuronide Kaempferol 3-O-β-D-glucuronide is a conjugated kaempferol metabolite, which has anti-inflammatory effect.
M10139 Anakinra Anakinra (Raleukin) is an antagonist of recombinant, nonglycosylated human IL-1R.
M9868 GIBH-130 GIBH-130 is a neuroinflammation inhibitor, with IC50 value of 3.4 nM for suppressing the IL-1β secretion by activated microglia.
M6852 JTE 607 dihydrochloride JTE 607 dihydrochloride is a highly selective inflammatory cytokine synthesis inhibitor with anti-inflammatory effect.
M6258 IRAK4-IN-7 IRAK4-IN-7 is a selective, potent and orally active inhibitor of interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (IRAK4) that regulates IRAK4 function in the TLR and IL-1R signaling cascades. It has good pharmacokinetic characteristics and antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo.
M3814 Sarilumab Sarilumab is a human recombinant IgG1 antibody that binds to both forms of interleukin 6 receptors (IL-6R), thus inhibiting the IL-6-mediated signaling.

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